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Smilefull - March 6

So there's been a lot of negativety going around about bodies/s_xuality/appropriatenss and I feel I added to it by responding to it--so I would like to do my part in fixing it. Please don't post in the boards with the angry remarks and keep bringing them to the top--that way they can go away! YEY! HOW ABOUT WE ALL POST WHAT WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE ABOUT OUR BODIES!!??


piratesmermaid - March 6

Okay. :) I love my nose. It's a short cute marshmellow nose.



Good thread Smilefull!! What do I love about my body? Well where should I start? ( I have great self-esteem) I love the fact that my body was able to create life!!!! Oh yeah and am a curvy size 4!!!!


Emily - March 6

A wonderfull inanner! I was thinking something along these lines yesterday. I am plus size and I like it. I do get a little envieous of thinner woman, but in truth I am happy. I would love to lose wome weight but if I don’t, so what. I am a mom. I am more happy with my body than I was before I got pregnant. I have mentioned before I am one of the lucky ones who are back to my prepregnancy weight. Actaully I am lighter than that. I lost weight the entire time I was pregnant with my first. My doc was not worried cause the baby was gaining and I was "plus size" anyways. I did gain about 6 lbs the last two weeks but I had already lost 15, so that put my total weight loss at like 9 lbs. Then of course once I gave birht I droped another 50. I loved it. I gained a bunch of that back after I found out I was pregnant and then lost pregnancy number two. I was very depressed about it, even though it was unplanned. When I got pregnant again soon after I stayed pretty constant. I would lose a couple lbs and gain a couple. By the end of the pregnancy I was up 6lbs. I lost it all after birth in the form of baby, plancenta, and water. I was back to what I wieght after my first pregnancy. I was lucky enough to not fit into my pre pregnancy jeans cause they were too big. But I was still a bigger person. I don’t mind my unflat tummy and streatch marks. I earned them gosh darn it….I am a mom and I am proud of it! I am happy with my body. Or at least happeir than I have ever been. But there are those moments when I long for long thin legs and skinny arms, and some smaller b___bs would be nice too!



What about you Smilefull? What do you love?


Emily - March 6

I guess my whole point is I love that I am a mom! I have limbs that work and I am greatfull that I can be active with my girls....


srigles - March 6

I love my ears. They're the only part of my body that are small and in proportion to everything else, lol!


seanandmya - March 6

I must say I love my b___t ! Ive got a few stretchmarks on there but it still kept it's shape after 2 and a half pregs . I've preobably jinxed it now and will end up with a saggy b___t after I have this baby , lol !


rl- - March 6

I love my body I got lucky no stretchmarks and I hardly gained anything you can't even tell I have had 3 kids and I look alot youger than 36 but I love the fact that I have the wisdom of an older women without looking like one ( :


luviduvi - March 6

I only got a few stretch marks. I love my hair and my skin. I am naturally dark complected and I have almost black hair and its natural. It helps me stand out. I love my eyes b/c I can watch my children grow. I love my ears b/c I can hear my children laugh. I love my arms b/c I can hold my kids. I love my legs b/c I can get to my kids when they need protecting. Good thread Smilefull


Smilefull - March 6

Thank you EmberBaby for saying the thread is nice--and asking me too..(; I love that I am healthy and able to do whatever I choose to do. So what if parts of my body does not completely look like media perpetuate stereotypical/objectified images)--why does it need to be? Who am I pleasing? My husband can't keep his hands off of me as it is---have concidered rolled up newspaper and pepper spray..any ideas?


seanandmya - March 6

I'm going to go polish off a sneaky easter egg by myself , god the pregnancy cravings ! I hope my b___t survives ! Nice thread Smileful , when dh comes home I might remind him how nice my b___t is .... I think I see my s_x drive in the distance ..... I think . yes ... I do believe it's coming back ; )


Mellissa - March 6

good idea smilefull.. i wish i would have read this before i just posted on another thread. lol. i love my hips... i finally have a figure now!! woohoo!!!!!!!


EricaG - March 6

I am 56 lbs lighter than I was prepregnancy and now am a skinnyminny, lol. I like being tiny now and I am a lot more confident because of it! I used to wear a size 15 jeans and now I wear a size 3-4. So I love my body in general now, which is quite the change for me.


venus_in_scorpio - March 6

i hate my body... but in a friendly way. i have 25 pregnancy pounds to lose. hahaha :-D


sophandbob - March 6

I love my c section scar - like a old battle wound!


mcatherine - March 6

There isn't very much I love about my body, but I love the legs I got from my mom - nicely shaped, muscular with help from the gym and no cellulite! I'm wearing miniskirts all the way to 45!!!!!!!



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