From Bassinet To Crib

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Cheryl - April 18

Hi, my dd is 10 weeks old and I'm wondering when I should make the transition from the bassinet in our room to her crib. For those, who did that can you share your stories of it? Thank you..:)


Erin1979 - April 18

When my daughter was 8 weeks I started putting her in the crib during the day for her naps. By 10 weeks, I put her in the crib to sleep, and we both REALLY enjoyed it! I find that she sleeps better in her own room. Good Luck!


Nerdy Girl - April 18

My daughter was moved into her crib at 6 weeks and my son at 10 weeks. Like Erin said, you both will sleep better once you make the transition. My kids were both very large and were reaching the weight limit of the ba__sinet (15 lb, I think) really early.


Aussie Beck - April 18

Our daughter has just moved into the crib and she is 16 weeks - born very small. She has always been in her own room but once I noticed that she was starting to get a little big for the ba__sinet, I actually moved the basket part into the crib so she would get used to 'new' surroundings whilst still being in the ba__sinet. We had her sleeping like that for a couple of weeks then one day i put her in the crib itself for a day sleep and it's was like she didn't even notice any difference! Phew! She's now in the crib full time and often we'll go in there and she'll be cooing away to herself and looking around! She loves it!!!


AmandaManns - April 18

We stuck my son in his crib about 4 weeks. He had a cradle and a small ba__sinet and he did not like either one. As soon as we put him in his big boy bed and in his own room he has slept sooo much better.


sarahbaby11 - April 19

its okay when you feel comfortable. my family has a lot of babies in it and we as a whole (6 mothers, 11 kids) found that by 3 months you want your baby in his or her crib. after that it seems that they realize what is happening.


Jilloh - April 19

my DS sleeps in either the ba__sinett or the crib. Just depends on where the sun is shining and which room is more comfortable.


krnj - April 19

My ds is 7 weeks and we're going to make the tranisition from ba__sinet to the crib in his room. My dh and I have been taking "shifts" getting up with him (in his ba__sinet) sleeping in the living room. Part of the problem is my dh snores and I can't sleep with him anyway unless I have earplugs in lol. I guess we'll have to invest in a good monitor. My ds has been in his crib for 2 hours so far tonight without making a peep! Good luck!



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