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dymond - July 8

sry its been a while, ive been super busy. we just got back from providence, i live in fl, so lexi took her first plane ride and she loved it! well lexi is doing really good, her first bday is the 30th of this month, so im planning her party now. once she hits a year we start up with all the dr appts again, but hopefully they are just check ups and nothing to worry about. she isnt exactly growing too much, as in shes alot smaller then a typical 1 year old and she doesnt seem to be a chubby but she is healthy. thanks for wanting a update stephanie, and ill try to keep updating mroe often. i am just enjoying time since its going so well........and keekee, my health is better. i was in the hospital for a couple of days a couple of wks ago but now things are bettter. i just have tons of back pain now, lol, nothing new! oh and the other reason i havent posted lately is cuz most of the time when i try to put a post is wont let me, so i kinda didnt have a choice, it wasnt that i didnt wanna keep in touch. but for all who wish to keep in touch incase i cant get on, email me at [email protected] ill respond sooner!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - July 8

Thank you so much for the reply. I dont even know you but ever since my daughter moved into her own room (two months old tomorrow) and we say her prayers everynight you are always on my mind. I know you probably think I am crazy, but you are in my prayers. I hope your health gets 100 percent so you can enjoy your beautiful baby! Good luck


dymond - July 9

thanks for taking time to care about me and my angel. and thanks for the prayers. i know those play a big part in my babys well being. i hoe my health gets completely better too, lol. it sux having trouble holding her sometimes.


kEEKEE - July 9

Hi Dymond!!! It is so nice to hear from you. Thanks for updating us. I will be hoping and praying for you and Lexi health. Give lexi tons of hugs and kisses!!! Did the doctor ever give you any answers about your health? I hope you get some answers soon. Stay in touch. Enjoy Lexi first birthday!!!.........Smooches!!!!!........Thanks Stephanie for posting the first thread. Enjoy your little one...Good luck!!!!


dymond - July 25

OMG!!! IVE GOT LIKE 6 DAYS TILL HER BIRTHDAY. I AM SO EXCITED. and jus so u all no, she is doing so so good still. she is almos holdin her head up all by her self. she can sit up and i no once she gains the strenght to hold her head my baby girl will be sitting up on her own. and she is tryin to crawl around now. i am so happy. all her dr.s are b__wn away at her improvement!!! ill be putting up birthday party pic after her party for everyone to see!!


KEEKEE - July 30

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!! Enjoy your party beautiful!!!!!.......Hugs!!!!!


to dymond!! - July 30

Happy Birthday Lexi!!!! Your 1 years old!! i cant belive it!! Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a nice Birthday Party!!


dymond - July 31

i took her to go get pics done yesterday, on her bday! ill have them up on her website as soon as they come in. thank you all for the bday wishes!


Amaya and Stephanie - July 31

Happy be-lated Birthday Lexi! Baby girl you are a year old! We hope you had a fun day and lots of fun days ahead. Enjoy! Hugs...



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