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eclipse - February 4

I need the lowdown on reflux. I am beginning to suspect my son has it, but not sure what the symptoms are. As many of you know, we switched formulas quite a few times until we found gentlease which allows him not to be so gassy and fussy. He still does worrisome things though. When I am feeding him (BM or Formula) he arches back sometime during the feeding. He also pulls off the bottle or br___t often, so often I have started almost exclusively feeding expressed bm. I hold him upright for awhile after he eats so he doesn't spit up which is not always a cure. Sometimes he will have slept for hours, I pick him up, and he spits up. (!) Also, lately he has started screaming out of nowhere in a dead sleep in the middle of the night, like he is in pain. Am I right in thinking he might have reflux? I have GERD myself, so I don't want him to suffer, but I also don't want him to have to go through horrible testing if he doesn't have to. Is the basic reflux diagnosis easy, or do they always make the babies endure the GI series if it is suspected? Any help would be appreciated, I'm really worried about my little guy and don't want him to suffer! *sniff*


Angiconda - February 4

When I thought ds had reflux I just too him to his pedi and told her what was happening and they just put him on zantec and we switched his formula to soy and now he is a totally different baby. I do have a friend that took her dd in and they did some sort of test where the stuck something down her throat but I don't really know the procedure onthe testing thing. Bonnie is a good person to talk to about refulx she can give you a website thats got a lot of good info on it I dont remember the sweb address. Good luck I hope your ds feels better soon.


aurorabunny - February 4

Hey Eclipse---the back arching sounds like a dead giveaway to me. Also the late spitting up. Make sure you always hold him up for AT LEAST half an hour after he eats. With the symptoms you've described, any doctor that made your lo go through tests to see if it really is reflux would be an idiot, IMO. My son had the same symptoms (plus more) and my ped nailed it as reflux right away. The only reason my ds had to have the tests was because of special circ_mstances to see how severe the reflux actually was. Besides holding him up for half an hour, you could try feeding him more frequent but smaller meals throughout the day. Also elevating the head of his ba__sinet or crib will help a lot. But from what you've described, it sounds to me like meds are needed. They will most likely start you out on Zantac for him which I know works for some babies but not for all. My son's reflux was too severe and he had to be on Zantac AND Prilosec for a while until now we have weaned to just the Prilosec. Whatever meds they put you on, make sure you give them a fair chance because some can take up to 3 weeks or longer to take full effect. Get that little guy in there to the ped, it sounds like he is hurting. =( Sorry you're both having to go through this. Keep us updated on what happens. Good luck!


eclipse - February 6

Oh c___p, now I'm worried. I thought he was just having a little bit of problems, but now I really want to get him in there, but I don't want him to be tortured by a lot of tests. Oh, Angiconda, that test is called and endoscopy (actually an esophogeoduodoscopy, but that is much scarier looking) I worked in a surgery center where we routinely performed those on adults-I had no idea that they would put a baby through that. I really don't want him to have to do that. He is doing a bit better because I've been mixing some rice cereal in with his food, so he doesn't choke or cough as much. I guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow. :(


Kara H. - February 6

I can't promise that they won't do an upper GI or other testing, but our ped didn't. We just talked over his symptoms and she prescribed prevacid. I took a couple of weeks for the meds to really get the acid pumps shut down, but he was SOOO much more comfortable and happy.


Bonnie - February 6

Diagnosing isn't easy and most of the tests aren't accurate anyway. Usually, like Kara said, it is all done by trial and error. Take a look at


eclipse - February 6

Thank you guys so much. He was up last night all night screaming. He seemed in so much pain and just wanted to constantly eat, like he was trying to stop the burning or something. I have an appointment for tomorrow-I will let you know what happened. Thanks for the website Bonnie, going there now.


Bonnie - February 6

Good luck!! Mason had silent reflux where he did not spit up and was a comfort feeder. Those cases are easily misdiagnosed so you may need to do a lot of reading up yourself and get a second opinion.


lexa - February 6

Another thing you may want to watch is your milk intake (you mentioned you are bf). Sometimes too babies will have an allergy to milk proteins found in formula and in bm (if you consume milk products) which will also cause gas/fussiness/belly aches. My dd has this along with acid reflux! The website Bonnie listed for you is wonderful! Everyone here gave great advice on the reflux issue itself so there isn't anything to add there. I just wish you luck and please definitely let us know what happens!


mommy716 - February 6

my son was 2 months old and always crying, we switched him to soy formula and it helped alittle but he was still arching his back and crying like crazy, so we took him to the doctor where he got a Barium Swallow done that detected the acid reflux, now hes 18 months old and Still on Zantac, but he stopped fussing and started sleeping better :) it was the best thing we've ever done for him


eclipse - February 8

Well he does have reflux, but the doctor isn't too concerned because he isn't losing weight, so we are starting slow. I am to thicken all of his food and he is to get Maalox 1 cc 3 times a day for a few days to settle everything down. I am to do this for awhile and if there are problems still, Zantac may be in order. Because he is eating well and gaining good weight, she isn't going to be as aggressive as she would be with one that is losing weight. Plus, he is smiley and happy otherwise. This morning, though, he scared the c___p out of me. He last ate at 3 am and at 7am he started choking and vomiting up milk. I was there (thank goodness) and got him up really quick, but we were both hysterical. It scared me so bad I woke up my husband to watch him for a second while I calmed down and made him food (he realized he was hungry when he settled down but conked out after an ounce). Wow.


aurorabunny - February 8

Eclipse, this is just my opinion and me trying to help and I am NOT trying to down your doctor---I am glad that he's happy and smily, that's a good sign...but if he seems in pain at all to you, don't let them dismiss his reflux just because he's eating well and gaining weight. I'm not saying that your doctor is doing this, I just know that some do and it sucks. My son was still in HORRIBLE pain and not sleeping, not playing anything but he LOVED to eat, wanted to eat constantly...(comfort feeding). It sounds good if your lo is smily and happy though. Keep us updated and don't let any of those docs push you around. =)


eclipse - February 8

Thanks, Aurora. I am feeling that same way, and he isn't doing that much better, so I am considering what to do. This doctor is not my favorite in the practice, so you better believe I will be watching him like a hawk. He is hiccuping more, it seems, and still coughs, although not as much. He isn't sleeping too good in the evening and nights like he was and wakes up screaming and wants to be held a lot. He hasn't pooped today (sorry tmi) and I don't know if that is from the extra rice cereal or what. I almost would feel better if he was on medication, because I don't know what kind of damage he may have in there and I want him to heal. Speaking of, how do you ladies give your babies these medications? Do they come in liquid baby form? Do you smash them? Or are they able to somehow take them whole? Just curious...


aurorabunny - February 9

Our Zantac that we started with came in liquid form, and now the Prilosec does too. We put the amount into a syringe and then squirt the syringe into a bottle nipple in ds's mouth. (He'll drink anything coming out of a bottle nipple!) The zantac tastes NASTY though, just a forewarning. They couldn't flavor it because of some of the compounds, but they flavor our Prilosec grape. If he doesn't let you give meds a shot, I would see another doctor. Kinda sounds like he's not taking you seriously. =(


eclipse - February 12

Has anyone used wedges in their child's crib to help them stay elevated while sleeping? How did they work? I cannot bear for him to sound like he is choking and spitting up milk one more time-I won't leave his side for that very reason!


eclipse - February 13

And I agree with you guys-its been a bad few nights-the rice cereal seems to be ripping up his system so I've backed off a bit. Would oatmeal be better? I think its time for a new doc-this one is really starting to get on my nerves. So what if he's gaining weight? My poor son is MISERABLE. Why won't anyone listen to me?! Sorry...frustration...


be - February 13

hi eclipse. my daughter has silent relfu so she doesn't spit up and actually she sleeps all night. her problem is during the day. she cries and whines most of the day, in fact the only times she isn't doing this is when she's asleep or when she's eating. i can't take it anymore!!! i know your frustration. her ped actually listened to me and now we're going to a specialist tomorrow. i hope it helps. she has an upper gi on the 22nd of this month. i'm sorry i have no advice i just wanted to tell you i know how it is and i'm worn out and tired as well as she. and..... i have another daugther to take care of who is 18 months. she's fine but i'm going out of my mind with the two. anyway-sorry to vent so much. good luck with finding another ped!



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