Frustrated W Fussy Baby

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Prego1 - November 14

Hi. This morning I started giving DD some Colic Calm that I bought online. I also gave her Axid, her med for reflux. Well she was fine and had a good appet_te until 2 hrs later, after a feeding that she won't finish, she did this projectile vomitting. I could see some of the Colic Calm bec. it's black in color and there were some black stuff in her vomit. I feel like I am worrying myself sick over my baby. All day long she was cluster feeding small amounts and would cry a lot then fall asleep. She hasn't been this fussy in a while. Anyway, the pediatrician told me it's fine to use this brand of gripe water. This one is a little diff. than the other gripe waters out there, this has vegetable carbon and that;s what gives it the black color. I can't find a lot of info about vegetable carbon(charcoal) and now I'm worried that I shouldn't be giving while taking Axid. I don't know. Please help.....I'm so upset about her being in pain, groaning and crying all day and me not being able to do anything! Anyone use this brand of gripe water before?


kristina1980 - November 14

Hi, I am not american but I live here and have 3 month old. My mom is sending from Europe special baby tea. It's made by HIPP and contains Fennel. you can use it after your baby is 1 week old. now I am using stage two which contains fennel and chamomile. my baby used to be colicky when she was 4-7 weeks. I started to give her this tea, ma__sage her belly with baby oil, and move her legs toward her stomach she can pa__s gas easier. I don't trust too much products in US stores since they contain too much chemicals. you can google the hipp tea and see what you think of it.


Prego1 - November 15

Thank u, I will try googling that. Colic Calm also has fennel, as well as aloe, mint, chamomile, etc. A bunch of herbs.


pregnantjackie - November 15

the gripe water that says it is safe for newborns and can be used for hiccupps...little tummy...sold at babys r us works wonders for my guy when hes colicky



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