Frustrated With Doctors

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Racahel mommy2lucas - November 7

I am so frustrated with my son's pediatricain office. I live in Cleveland Ohio and use doctors thru the Cleveland Clinic since they are supposed to be some of the best in the nation. I hae loved every doctor I have ever gone to thru them. My son has had quite a few stomach issues in his short 12 weeks of life, and all are being addressed in one way or another. But he is always in abdominal pain. No matter what I do or try it seems to be getting worse. Every time I call the office they give me stupid run of the mill advice I know already. Last time I called they told me some babies just need to be held more. I got so angry I threw the phone. I asked them if he is being held 24-7, he sleeps with me, how much more should I be holding him? I do not need to be patronized. I am his mother and I know when something is wrong. I don't care if this is my first baby or my 15th, they should not treat me like this. I am not a quiet person and know how to speak my mind so I just left a sort of nasty message for the doctor. I am ready to change doctors but I like the Clinic and they already know his history, so I would still like to give them one more chance to redeem themselves. Has anyone else had these issues with your doc? What did you or what would you do in my situation? I cannot be convinced that a 12 week old should be in so much abdominal discomfort that he is unable to settle all night long and wakes in crying fits all night every night and is in pain during the day as well. I know the difference between fussy and pain. I have had hives worrying about this!


Julie - November 7

Hi Rachel I live in the Cleveland area too. Have you tried Hillcrest Hospital in Mayfield? They have a specialized Pediatric Emergency Unit and they have a great Pediatrics team. I would try them if you aren't getting anywhere with Cleveland Clinic. I had a friend who's son was having some problems and she switched over to them due to her doctor not paying attention. I hope this helps.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 7

Hi Julie! I live in Parma but I work in Mayfield. I delivered at Hillcrest. I should look into some docs there. I remember the ped er from the hospital tour. Great idea, Thanks!


Julie - November 7

P.S. they are part of the cleveland clinic.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 7

Yeah, I know that. I'm thinking maybe it is just My doctor, and if I switch to another one within the system, I may be happier


Narcissus - November 7

Yeah, there are a lot of idiot docs/nurses in this world. Many of them act like medical robots instead of human beings. It p__ses me off!


Jadyns Mommy - November 7

Hi Rachel, I know all too well the trouble you are having. Jadyn was having severe pooping issues and would scream and cry whenever she went and I was so sick and tired of hearing that constipation is normal for an infant because this was not normal. What I had to do was demand an appt with her Dr for ASAP and I went in there and sat down with her Dr and explained everything in great detail and asked her to please refer me to someone that specializes in this type of field since she didnt have any ideas and that if she wouldnt, I would require it in writing explaining why she would not. She gave me a referral to a Pediatric Surgeon who FINALLY agreed that something was wrong and proceeded with more tests and we were able to treat the issue. I think if you ask for something in writing, they will react a bit better because even though it would not be your intention, I think they fear a lawsuit if they give something in writing. I hope everything works out for you because I know how hard and frustrating it is to watch your baby in pain and feel like no one is listening or will help! Good luck.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 7

Thank you Jadyn's Mommy! I am at the point now where I will be demanding a lot of things. For 12 weeks I have tried anything anyone could think of to help him. If I truly believed he was just colicky, it would be one thing. The poor child IS in pain all the time and it breaks my heart. I just made him an appointment with a new doctor for Thursday. I want some action or some answers. I'm glad someone finally got your little angel all fixed up. Hopefully soon mine will be too!


Ruth - November 7

I had a similar experience with nurses rather than my son's doctor. After Gabriel was born, on day 2, I noticed that his umbilical cord was a little red. The nurses told me that everything was fine and it was just a little irritated. We went home, it was still red and they still said that everything was fine. He cried a lot and seemed to be in discomfort over the next week. I called the hospital and they said that it was normal fussiness, but I knew something was wrong. Then after another week the outreach nurse came to our house to check up on us. I showed her the umbilical cord and at this time it was starting to smell. She told me not to worry about it and said that it was normal. The next day it accidently got ripped off and there was all kinds of puss and blood underneath. I took him to his doctor the next day and he was hospitalized with a severe staph infection contracted from the hospital when he was born!! Trust your instincts, you know when something isn't right. Gabriel is my first as well, but I know when something is wrong. Get a second opinion and go to another clinic. Take Julie's advice and good luck!


Racahel mommy2lucas - November 8

I'm glad it's not just my doctors. His doctor did call me back last night and asked me to please let her try to be the one to see what is wrong with him. Then the office called me to schedule me in. But last night he had the worst night ever, just screaming and crying every 10-15 minutes and could not calm down unless i put his legs all the way up to his chest, and then it would start all over again. I am worried sick. The only reason I did not take him to the ER is because he is not vomiting and there is no fever. I called his doctor back again today and they are getting me in early this afternoon. I better like what they have to say or I am taking him to the hospital. Enough is enough.


momma - November 8

I havent had any problems with my doctors but that is a horrible situation i hope he feels better soon



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