Fun Best Products To Entertain Baby

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Perl - February 5

What products amuse your baby the most? My little guy (3 months old) LOVES his Fisher Price papasan swing and can sit and gaze up at the mobile on it for a very long time. He naps in it too. My aunt told me that I have to buy a vibrating bouncer chair. We went to Target today and I put my ds on a vibrating bouncer for a "test drive" and boy did he love it (it was another Fisher Price jungle themed one with a little waterfall and lots of toys attached. It made me wonder 'what else is out there that I'm missing out on'. I'll be needing a jumperoo/exersaucer next---any recommendations for one or any other fun baby products or toys for amusement???


cae - February 5

You are on the right track. My son is 1 yrs old now, and the following toys are what he like going by age. Swing, bouncy chair, exersaucer/jolly jumperoo, and now at one years old anything that is a ride along toy and also the Zebra bounce and spin toy.


mandee25 - February 5

I can't wait to try Noah in a jolly jumper and exersaucer when he gets old enough! Sorry Perl, I don't have any more suggestions for ya.


Nita_ - February 5

My lo loved her bouncy chair as well. We just setup her exersaucer and she seems to love it especially since she can spin aroound from toy to toy! She loved her mobile and activity center/gym as well. She just likes anything with lots of legs or things that she can yank on. Like the little cow with 4 multi colored legs and a frog with 5-6 ears a couple of them with teethers. And the octopus that hangs down from her activity center. She loves her rattle as well! I got her a talking bunny and she loves it too now that she can sit up una__sisted (a little bit!). *cae** - what's the zebra bounce and spin toy?


Renea - February 5

cae--how old was your son when you put himon the zebra bounce and spin toy?


Perl - February 5

Zebra bounce & spin sound like it will be a fun one later on--thanks! About exersaucers they just need to be able to support their own heads right or do they need to be able to stand. Nita how old is your lo? Has anyone tried that Lamaze gym mat where baby can be strapped to a little round platform in center of mat that they can spin on?


cae - February 5

Renea he just turned 1 on the 26th of Jan. I thought he would not be interested until a few more months, but he showed us. It took about a week of him standing by it, and playing with the music, then all of a sudden he hopped was so cute. Definately a good buy for us.


Renea - February 5

thanks cae--my little guy turns one at the end of march and I was thinking of getting one for his birthday. I will definately have to go check one out.


aurorabunny - February 5

Nita! Where ya been, girl?? E-mail me!


Nita_ - February 5

hey aurorabunny! been thinking about you! been crazy lately, with Neha teething and all...will send you an email soon! **perl** the baby needs to be able to sit una__sisted. We didn't start using ours until recently and my dd turned 7 months few days back. A few here have said they started using at 4 months so I bought mine when my dd was 5 months old but after a__sembling it all together I put it away as dd seemed too small for it!


flower.momma - February 5

My aquarium wonders mobile is awesome. It makes a light show on the celing and has beautiful music. My 2-month old LOVES it. It does not help him get to sleep, and actually riles him up, but it lets me fold laundry and clean. Best 30 bucks I ever spent!


CaliTrish - February 5

My DS has always loved his vibrating bouncer. He received a Playskool Tummy Time Together Gym for Christmas that we place over the bouncer since the toy bar that comes with it is still too tall. DS can entertain himself for hours. We recently inherited kick gym that he just goes nuts with. He kicks it so hard that it scoots away. We also inherited a jump-n-go which he's a little too young for, but he got really excited when we put him in it.


Angiconda - February 5

I recommend the jumperoo 110% ds LOVES it. You might have to wait a month or two before he is ready for it though.


megzi_03 - February 5

My dd loves all the things already mentioned, especially her jumperoo. The other thing my dh picked up for her that she absolutely loves is the Leap Frog Fridge Farm. She quickly learned how to push the b___tons to make the animal sounds.


HEATHER - February 6

my dd had no interest in the jumperoo, you might want to try it in the store first, hopefully my ds will like it..


Wellis10 - February 6

One of the play gyms/mats for 3-12months is great. My lo loves his. His only 2 months. He is starting to see this better. I can tell by his reaction to things and colors. His even tring to talk (baby talk) to it. He gets very excited when i put him under it. The one that I have comes apart so you can attach it to his crib when you want to or attach it to his mat. I like to put it in his crib during play time. His legs and arm just start moving. After play time is over it's real easy to take down.



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