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KLC - June 22

Ok so I am bored at work at instead of finding a way to be productive thought I would post a fun poll, so here goes. How old is your LO, Boy or Girl, Sleep through the night yet, B--t or bottle, Roll over yet, First smiled when, Favorite thing about being a mom, One thing you wish someone had told you before your baby was born, having anymore?


KLC - June 22

Ok #1 3months, #2 Boy, #3 NO, #4 Bottle, #5 Not yet, #6 Smiled at 2 months, #7 When he is cuddly, #8 how to juggle a job and a newborn, #9 No more for us.


Amy_mommy - June 22

my little girl is 10 weeks old....she is kinda sleeping through the night....but not quite. i bottle feed her enfamil nutramigen because she's allergic to milk based. haven't start to roll over yet... my favorite thing being a mommy is that all the love i get from my baby is just so unconditional and pure & i don't mind waking up in themiddle of the night to feed her..... well, one thing i wish someone would have told me before baby was born is........THE RECOVERY PART IS JUST TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is my 1st baby & i'm not sure if i want to have anymore....if i do, i think i decided to have c-section because i think then, i don't have to deal with hemmohoid, bleeding, hard walking....painful s_x, st_tches...


nic nac - June 22

#1 5.5 months, #2 Girl, #3 YES, #4 bottle, #5 almost #6 smiled at 2 months, #7 learning all about babies and feeling blessed to give birth to a baby that was conceived out of a loving relationship and is actually a part of me, #8 That it was going to be difficult and even more difficult when you work and raise a newborn, #9 Yes, we want at least one more.


nic nac - June 22

Amy_mommy, i was in labor for 7.5 hours before i had to have an emergency c section. boy was i glad i did. and i want to have a c section again going forward. the recovery wasn't that bad for me but i have heard otherwise.


Bonnie - June 22

1. 5 months, 2. boy, 3. yes, sleeps trhough, 4. bottle fed, 5. smiled at 8 weeks, 6. fav thing is cuddling him, 7. I wish people had told me babies will cry sometimes for no reason and it is okay, 8. If I win the lottery!


AprilMum - June 22

My daughter is 4 1/2 months, she has been sleeping thru the night for two months, she is bottle fed, she is an amazing roller-over-er, it's hard to say when she first smiled for real, because there were several early on, that I think were flukes, but she's a big laugh-er now. My favorite thing, is when I go to get her out of her crib in the morning, and she's smiling. Like Amy, I wish I had known what to expect with recovery! So many people fought about c-sections with the argument, "the woman down the hall, was up and about right after having her baby!!" - um, no way! I could barely get up or sit down for almost two months!! The worst part is, it's not a pain that other people can see, so everyone wants you to shuttle the new baby around, and they forget that you feel like you got hit by a the rectum, that is.


Bonnie - June 22

I had a c-section as well and was up that same day. I;ve heard awful stories about them, I must have really lucked out. I didn;t even take any pain meds.


Ang - June 22

6months, Boy, yes he sleep through the night, bottle, rolls both ways, smiled at 6wks, that I would feel like I had been hit like a truck after delivery, and yes -- we're planning on more.


pbj - June 22

My daughter is 7 months old and she has slept through the night, for the most part since she was 2 months. Now that she is teething she is up every 2-3 hours, I think it's harder when you're used to getting sleep. She is formula fed and she first smiled when she was 2 months (I think, I can't remember now). My favorite thing about being a mom is the incredible love I feel or her that I never realized was possible...I live for her smile. That everyone, and I mean everyone whether they have children or not, has a frickin' opinion on how you should raise your child, how you should feed them and generally you can't do anything about random people never shutting their holes. We haven't decided if we're going to have more or not. My bladder dropped significantly during my pregnancy, it is possible that it could come out. I could go into details, but I'm sure it's TMI.


cae - June 22

#1 5 months old #2 boy #3 yes, sleeps through the night #4 b___stfed, then bottle fed #5 yes started to roll at 41/2 months #6 smiled at 2months #7 seeing him happy #8 how hard it would be to go back to work, so I havent returned yet. #9 Yes, 1 or 2 more


olivia - June 22

10 months, girl, sleeps all night, b___st for 8 months now on bottle, walking!, i don't remember when she first smiled. My favorite thing about being a mom is just about everything -- I love that she walks around saying hi to everything, I love when she sits in a ray of sun trying to catch the tiny pieces of dust, and i LOVE that she is finally getting cuddly and giving us little hugs and snuggles. I am having more (one little sweetie on the way). We don't have much room so we keep joking it is going to look like a zoo in the kids room with two cribs. I had a c-section too, no problems with recovery.


krnj - June 22

1. will be 4 months on 6/28 2. boy 3.not even close to sleeping through the night! lol 4.bottle 5. hasn't rolled over yet but is very close! 6. He first smiled when he was about 2 months 7. when he sleeps in my arms 8. that babies cry for no reason. 9. maybe one more hopefully before I'm 40. I'm 37 and a first time mom. I had a c-section due to fibroids and gd. No complications with the delivery and had a speedy recovery!


ssmith - June 22

Ohhh fun! 1)7 weeks 2)girl 3)sleeps through night almost!! 4)b___st 5)rolls onto side 6) smiled at 4 weeks 7) favorite thing is when she smiles at me first thing in the morning 8) I wish I had savored the last few weeks with my hubby before she was born 9) I'd love to have another but not for a few years


TC - June 22

Hmmm since I haven't been here in awhile...I'll share. :D I have a 9 month old boy who sleeps through the night. Drank b___st milk from a bottle until he was about 4 months and then formula afterwards. He's almost 10 months so he is surely rolling over! LOL He first smiled when he was about 2wks old...not sure if it was gas or what but it was a smile. I don't know if there is anything that I favor the most in mommyhood...but I know that I love my hunka chunka with all of my heart. Oh and someone should've told me that even if you know what is wrong with your will still worry.


haymay - June 22

10 weeks old, girl, sleeps through the night most nights, b___st for the first 2 weeks then switched over to formula completely by 6 weeks, rolls to her side but not completely over to her tummy, first smiled a true smile(not gas) at 4 weeks and started laughing at about 7 weeks; favorite thing about being a mom, everything except the sleep deprivation...I love when she smiles at me, or babbles on about Lord knows what, talking to her toys or her feet, or has conversations back and forth with me...she's just the cutest thing ever!!! I have 2 things I wish someone told me before she was, that the recovery part is so painful and long for some people...I couldn't sit for at least 2 weeks, and walking made me hurt really bad and feel sick, and even at 10 weeks my muscles are still sore down there somewhat during s_x...and like somebody else said, nobody else can see it so they dont even think about you being in pain and expect you to shuttle the baby around and do this and that when you are in so much pain...and the second thing I wish someone told me is that you have to get to know your baby...for some reason I just a__sumed she would come out automatically being comforted by me, like when you see other babies cry and you give them to their mom and they quiet down, I a__sumed my new baby would be like that, but she was a complete stranger, I didn't know what her cries meant and my mom could comfort her and get her to sleep better than I could those first few weeks...I felt like she didn't like me! Yes we are having more, at least 1 more, but hopefully 2.


Rabbits07 - June 22

12 weeks old, boy, sleeps through 2-3x a week (some is better than none I guess), b___st, rolled over from tummy to back & back to tummy this past Sun. June 18 (he's my proof that each one I have grows up faster), first smiled May 19 when I was talking and acting goofy to him, fave thing about being a mom is watching them grow up to be kind and caring children-teens-adults (watching them grow up to be childrem-teens-adults is also kind of the saddest part about being a mom), before my first I wish someone had told me that I was gonna have 5 more and I would've saved everything (LOL) really I wish someone had told me that the love and protectiveness that I felt for my children would make me one of the most caring and also sometimes meanest women on earth (we've had some rough school issues where I had to get firm), having anymore? No plans on it at this time.



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