Funny But Serious OT

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pinkbo0tlace - March 12

Funny question...but it's serious to me, hehe. I have had a bad habbit since I was about seven. I bite my nails. I always wanted decent looking nails, I've tried those fake nails & tips you can get at the salon, but I end up biting those off LOL... Any tips?..thanks.


sahmof3 - March 12

Maybe try that stuff that has cayenne pepper that they "paint" on kids thumbs to get them to stop sucking them?


Hana - March 12

I used to be a serious nail biter as well. I used to bite when i was anxious and when i found the root of my anxiety i stopped! I started therapy 5 years ago and it sort of stopped then..I still regress to biting when i'm very very anxious about something!


Erynn21 - March 12

I used to bite my nails and then I would stop and start again. I stopped completely about 8 years ago, I just made it a point to tell myself No every time I thought about doing it. I worked as a bartender at the time and had a guy tell me I would have pretty hands if my nails weren't all bitten off, it really got me thinking about what others were seeing. I then told myself gross don't do it, you know I also am not as sick because I'm not putting my germy hands in my mouth(at least it would make sense). I used OPI Nail Envy to strengthen my nails, they got so hard it hurt to bite them. It's an addiction, just like smoking, drinking, anything, you REALLY have to WANT to quit. Good luck.


Steph - March 12

This is a great question! My daughter is horrible about biting her nails and the cuticle, so she always has hangnails and her hands look cruddy. It drives me nuts!!!!! I don't know what to do for her!


Rhiannon - March 12

When I was younger I used to bite my nails so short that they would get infected and fall off. One day I just stopped. Try the nasty tasting stuff like sahmof3 said or try putting on lotion all of the time. That will keep you aware of it because it is probably an unconsious habit.


BriannasMummy - March 12

There is this stuff called "Nail Biter". Its made by sally hansen. You just use it like nail polish. It is the most disgusting taste ever.. one taste of that will probably make you think twice about gnawing on ur fingers. ~Kristin~


dee23 - March 14

i have been doing this for years too, but when i was pregnant, dh said to me 'you dont want our child growing up doing this habit' and i stopped instantly. its motivation and will love it when you stop trust me.


LollyM - March 14

I used to have the same problem girly, and then I got a little piece stuck in the back of my throat! It was so uncomfortable and nasty! it was just stuck there for like an hour and I had to scratch it off with my fingernail (or what was left ha!) and it was just really traumatic. After that I quit chewing on them, and they grew so long and pretty! Everyone thought they were fake! Take vitamins and they will be stronger =) and try to keep strengthening polish on them. Anyway, hope my story is a little incentive for you there! trust me, you do not want to get a nail shard stuck in your tonsil, that's just not a pleasant experience!


soon2bemomof3 - March 15

I bite my nails all the time so I DO have fake tips on them to stop me from doing it, I've never bitten the tips off, at least not at this time. It's expensive but it looks soooo pretty, alot better than bitten nails, I really don't have any advice on how to stop since I can't seem to stop myself. Sorry.



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