Funny Stories Bored At Work

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Ginny - April 28

Anybody got a funny story about babies, kids, mIl's, husbands. .. . ec.? I am SOOOOO bored at work. I'll start. My SIL was eating breakfast with her 3 year old and said, "Did you know that I love you?" and her daughter said, "Yes. And I love applejacks."


olivia - April 28

My oldest sister has two daughters, Samantha and Grace. Her daughter Samantha had just finished ballet cla__ses and my sister said "Samantha you were very graceful, great job". Well Grace was about 2 1/2 at the time and spoke up "No mommy, she was very Samanthaful". Anyway we thought it was cute.


HANNAHs Mom - April 28

Great thread idea!......My older dd was about to turn 3 so I scheduled her very first dental appt. I was preparing her a couple weeks in advance by telling her what to expect and she kept asking me if there were going to be alot of b___s there. I had no idea what she was talking about!...and she kept asking! Finally the day of her appt we pulled into the dentist office parking lot and I said we are here...and she said "On no! I forgot my dentist racket!" I finally got it!!!! : )


Rabbits07 - April 28

When my daughter Randi was 4 years old a representative from the motor club was at our house explaining membership benefits. Randi sat on the sofa the whole time very intently hanging onto every word he said. I was highly impressed as she is usually a big talker. Then as the man is getting ready to leave Randi gazes up at his receding hairline and says "Boy, you sure do got alot of forehead, don't ya?" I could have hit the floor I was so embara__sed. He just laughed it off and said "yeah, I guess I do."


luvmyboys - April 28

My son, three at the time, was sitting at church with grandpa before the service when some nice old man came to say hello to them. Before he had a chance to say anything my son asks loudly, "Why do you have lello (yellow) teeth?" Luckily the man was hard of hearing and didn't hear what he had said. Kids notice everything and make sure to point it out.


C - April 28

My niece who is 4 turned to my sister the other day at Wal-Mart and said "mommy, those women over there have mamoth sized b___ts". Luckily they were too far away to hear her. I was in line for a roller coaster with my nephew and I thought I was pregnant but my test came back negative. They kept announcing that this ride is not appropriate for pregnant women. I said I'm glad I'm not pregnant and he said "well you sure look pregnant". A week later the test came back positive.


KLC - April 29

Ok so my husband would kill me if he knew I was telling this story but I think it's too funny...For Easter my mother bought my kids these easter eggs filled with Dora The Explorer and Batman Tattoos. Of course my kids wanted to put them on so after their baths that night my husband put the tattoos on their arms for them. My son who's 7 asked my hubby to put one of his Batman tats on his arm so my husband proudly did it putting a batmobile on his forearm. Well the kids went to bed all happy with their tats and my hubby went to take a shower. About fifteen minutes later he says "Kristy come in here a minute" I went in the bathroom and he turns around and laughing hysterically shows me his rearend on which he had tattooed Boots the monkey from Dora!!!! There was that little monkey with the red boots on my hubby's rear!!!! The best part was that he had real trouble getting it off!!!!


Erin1979 - April 29

When I was about 7 months pregnant I was looking after my 2 nieces and my nephew (3&2). Before my SIL left to go out, she said to them, "did you ask Auntie Erin how her baby is doing today?" So my nephew gets up and pulls my shirt up, and peaks into my belly b___ton and says "hey, I think I can see him!" then started yelling "hello in there!!! How are you feeling today?" into my belly b___ton. It was so cute!


LexieGrl - April 30

I was babysitting my friend's baby (was 11 mos at the time) for a couple of hours one day and I was trying to help her walk.


Leahp - May 1

so my niece is a hilarious little girl, at the time she was two and my mom has a lot of old blk and whts of Native Americans in her house and my dad who is just a good ole german has a darker and wrinkle look to him, so my niece is walking down the stairs and looks up at the picture of about five Native Americans on thier horses and in head dress and she says " oh, are those papa's friends???" We were dying!! She thinks her grandfather is native american, and might I add she thinks he's Willie Nelson too!!


tracyg - May 1

I am glad you started this; the stories are funny!!! My DS is 4, and we were waiting on the cable guy to come to the house. I was getting impatient waiting so I turned to my son and said "we don't have all day; we have been waiting forever"!!! My little one just laughed, and said "I know mom". Well about 1 hour later he he comes, and we both answer the door. He said "hey how is it going"?? What did my precious angel say??? " We have been waiting forever, we don't have all night right mom??" I got so ticked that I just laughed, and walked off.


austinsmom - May 2

when I was 7 months pregnant my husband begs me to go on a camping/hunting trip with him to some leased land he had already put our camper on......he went on and on so I said I would go knowing all I would be doing is sitting around the camper and cooking supper....well I was picturing a spot in the woods with a cleared area to put a fire and stuff like that....well we get there and I freaked out.....turns out he has our camper parked on the edge of a cornfield (the corn is tall and dry and crackley (sp?) every since the movie and book by steven king I have been a little freaked out by cornfields and to be parked right next to one was to me scary!!!!! So you know as a pregnant woman you have to pee a lot in the middle of the night I get the overwelming urge and you know you can't put this off for long so finally I get out of bed and put on my shoes and go to step out of the camper to take a leak and picture is a clear dark night with a large moon casting a glow over everything........there is a slight breeze rustling the cornfield making it sound like voices whispering......I go behind the camper and pull the ole pants down and start doing my business.....this big gust of wind comes up and knocks over a chair that is outside in front of the camper and scares me so much I jumped up pants down and all and hobbled jumped scurryed as fast as I could back into the camper tripped getting into the camper and collapsed on the floor slamming the door behind me and locking it in one fluid husband had a great time laughing at me half naked laying in the floor of the camper panting for dear life!!!! ..........when my brother was younger he never could say tr always came out as fu.....they were at walmart and went through the toy area and my brother started pointing to the toy trucks and screaming he wanted the fu**ck to the top of his lungs.....wish I had been old enough to see the look on my moms face ......I'm sure it was priceless


Ginny - May 2

These are too funny! My SIL was telling me that her dh had to go to a funeral and her 3 year old was really curious about what it meant and what death was. So my SIL was trying to help her understand without being freaked out and told her that Chuck went to heaven (She already knew about heaven from Sunday school). So then my SIL says, "And do you know who lives in heaven?" And her 3 y.o. gave her a funny look and says, "Yeah, of course." "Who?" "Chuck!"



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