Funny Things That Have Been Around FOREVER

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Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 21

Yesterday, we went to visit some family and me and Amaya were playing and I flipped her upside down and my aunt said "DONT DO THAT YOU WILL FLIP HER LIVER UPSIDE DOWN!" I have also been told that if she stands her legs will be bowed, and if you tickle babies then they will have a stutter. There are so many of these things and I think they are hilarious! I think someone should put a book together called ITS NOT TRUE!!! I was just going to see some of the things you have been told by either grandparents or whoever. I have also heard that warm urine will cure ear infections (GROSS!) but just share yours!


Fabienne - October 21

Yeah ! Matthew is 4 months old now and the other day, we were visiting his grandparents. I helped him stand on his feet on my lap - oh he was so proud he could do it - But his grandpa said that doing this too early , he could have bowed legs... uh?


Jamie - October 21

LMAO - my MIL just told us about the tickle/stutter...I'm trying to think what else we've heard...


chelsey - October 21

Stephanie and Fabienne - I heard the thing about the bow legs too! I'm not sure, but you'd think letting babies stand up would help straighten their legs, and get them used to having their feet on the floor. I do this with Gabriel, because at first he would stand on his ankles, now he's "trained enough", and stands on his feet. The tickle thing I heard too, but I heard that it was just if you tickled their feet.. I remember when I was about 11 years old, I was tickling my baby cousins feet, and my Aunt was sooooooo mad at me!


N - October 21

When my son was two weeks old my in-laws told me he needed to cry for atleast 10 or 15min before I fed him or his lungs wouldn't mature and he would never learn to talk. Uh, he's fine, he talks very very well. I heard the bow-legged thing too.. it's BS.


- October 21

hmm i heard something about hair,,, not sure but ive heard diff. things, like one is that if u cut the hair off by a certian age i think by age one if u like trim their hair or something then they wont be able to talk or something, i don tknow,,,, ,my MIL says a lot of stuff that i dont really pay attention


Shelly - October 21

my grandpa told me if i would cross my eyes and the clock would hit the hour my eyes would stay cross forever.......yeah right!!!


N to Shelly - October 21

My grandpa used to say something like that too.. but it was if you get hit on the back while you're crosseyed they'll stick like that.. but then again he also tried to tell us if you put salt on a bird's tail you can catch it.



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