Fussing At Breakfast Time Any Ideas

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iemc19 - September 23

Hi, My ds is just over 6 months old and has been on solids for a while now....he has been on 3 meals a day for a couple of weeks with no problems...He generally loves his food and loves new tastes.....BUT the past wee while he has fussed and refused his breakfast...I've tried him on porridge and baby oats but he hates it...He doesn't like fruit (!) although he ate it with banana for a few days....I could go back to the basic baby breakfast packets but I hate the expense!! (I'm in the UK) I've also tried timing his early morning feed differently to see if that made any difference but no luck! Just wondering what some of you mums were giving your lo's for brekkie....


lin7604 - September 23

i was just going to post the same thing. my ds is 11 months tomorrow and he has been refusuing to eat most meals. i do think he is wanting more finger foods then "mush" but it is frustrating as he is still picky with textures. he is refusing cereal at breakfast and will eat some cheerios or toast but it still isn't as much as he would of ate if it was cereal before. then lunch and dinner he is refusing the meat/veggie combos, but he will eat up all his squash or sweet potatoes or yougart but he can't live of it all day every day. so what to do???


Gretta - September 23

Irene -Chloe has been refusing her brekkie too!!


DB - September 23

Gosh, my dd is almost 8 months and is hit or miss at most meals?!?!? She'll either gobble it up or wants nothing to do with the food. It's awful!! She is the same way....LOVES squash and sweet potatoes, but not peas or green beans anymore...ugh...I hope this is a phase.


iemc19 - September 23

We have our moments with the other mealtimes but its generally when he's fed up with a taste, so I have to come up with new combos!! I'm spending a bit of time looking at shop-bought food to give me fresh inspiration! But brekkie is a bit harder to vary.... I did end up buying 2 lots of shop bought baby breakfast, but I really grudge the expense over such a small packet! W


iemc19 - September 24

HA!! The little tike ate the c___ppy powdered baby breakfast without any fuss this morning! Little b*****!



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