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AKN - March 8

My 4 month old baby only takes a few 30 minute naps in the daytime, and rarely sleeps the night. She maybe sleeps 10 hours a day, if that. Should she be sleeping more than this, or does every baby differ in this aspect? She ALWAYS fusses and cries before she sleeps, even in the daytime. Is this a reason to be concerned, could there be a medical reason? Seems like she should be sleeping more.


delana - March 8

if your concerned consult your pediatrician


lilmama - November 27

your baby is just fighting sleep there is so much going on for her to learn right now and she is scared if she goes to sleep she may miss something. Babies tend to differ in sleep patterns. 10 hours seems normal to me, but I am not an expert, so if you are concerned ask your doc at your next visit


Allyson - December 2

if she doesn't sleep at night try baby cereal before she goes to sleep that might make herfull and sleep longer but when she is sleeping in the day does she just wake up on her own or does noise wake her up? if she wakes up on her own she has had enough sleep n 10 hrs is good for her if not try putting her in her bed where its quiet so she may sleep longer hope this helps


Lesley Green - December 4

I have a three year old that does much the same. Though luckier because at the moment she will sleep in the evening and at night - still waking for feed. I have kept v. consistent in that I always bath and feed before night sleep, and in the night keep lights and talking to a min. If you have any other responses I would be v. interested.


t - December 21

I have found that older babies sleep better when their tummies aren't so full. Digestion keeps them from sleeping well. I found with all three of my boys that when I stopped feeding them just before bed and at night, they slept for about 12 hours straight. When I fed them right before bed, they'd go for a few hours and wake up screaming. Just my experience...


Becca - January 20

I was watching The View on TV the other day and they had a baby expert on there with tips on how to calm a fussy baby. SSSHHHH ishing in their ear rather loudl while gently rocking them is one of the things. (Resembles the sound of your heartbeat while they are in the womb and calms them.) Another thing was to lay them on thier side or belly and gently rocking them in short swift GENTLE motion in your hands. It worked for my baby when she was a new born.


Mommy2Kylie - January 23

Don't worry. When your baby is tired she'll sleep. My daughter is almost 3 months old and has weird sleeping patterns, they're still just getting used to everything. Soon you can get her on a schedule and it'll be fine. But I wouldn't worry because if she was tired she would sleep no matter whats going on around her.



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