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-m - September 11

My daughter is 5 1/2 weeks old. Up until now she's had a great temperment and done really well with her feedings (she's bottle feed). But a few days ago she started getting fussy around 8pm when it comes time to eat. Everything will start out fine but after about 1 ounce (she usually eats 3 ounces) she starts to fuss and squirm around a lot. When she squirms she pulls the bottle out of her mouth and then starts to cry. I'll try to give the bottle back and she'll refuse it. This goes on for about 2 hours and I'm lucky if I get her to eat 2 ounces. Then she'll go to sleep, wake up and cry for a few minutes, then go back to sleep, and this goes on for about 1 more hour. So after about 3 hours she finally goes to sleep and will sleep for about 3-4 hours. Gas drops will help sometimes but not always. Every other time of day she takes her bottle with no problem and is a happy baby. Has anyone experianced something like this or have any advice for me to help calm her? I'm worried that this is the beginning of colic.


monica - September 11

Does not sound like colic to me. Sounds gas discomfort to me. Burp her for longer and keep giving her the gas drops. what kind of bottle are you using?


Alisha - September 11

My son acts like that at night too. But its because he is teething. He is hungry but wont eat because the warm bottle hurts his gums. Try some baby oragel then feed her. I know its early but she could be teething. Ask your doctor to check.


Jbear - September 12

My new baby is 3 and a half weeks old. She does the same thing, but it's from 3am to 8am. I'm not sure what causes it. I switched bottles, from ventair bottles to newborn gerbers, and she takes her formula better, but she still doesn't want to sleep then.


Kathryn - September 12

My son started doing this when he was about six weeks old. He doesn't do it as much now (He's almost four months old). I called it seven o clock cry time. It seems he would be so sleepy but fight it. My husband would even call me at work and ask me if I was coming home soon. I b___stfeed but, he would refuse the b___st. The best thing that I have found that worked would be to take him to his room and feed him where it was quiet. It would take a while but, he would finallly fall a sleep for a few hours. I too thought that maybe it was colic but the pattern was too consistant.


BBK ® © - September 12

Yes, 8pm seems to be the "witching" time for a lot of babies. I can tell you what worked for us. After much reading and headscratching I came to realize it was overstimulation and fear of the night. The baby has gas throughout the day so it makes no sense it only bothers her at night. Colic is much rarer than people think, and the timing of it is also suspect. Acting on insight from the "happiest baby on the block book" where the author says the baby is an embryo for the first 3 months I try to re-create the womb by holding her on my chest with her knees bent (feet on my forearm) and make shooshing sounds in her ear while rocking her. She puts her thumb in her mouth and stays like that for a long time till about 9 when we give her a bath. That *always* works unless she's truly hungy, then my wife will nurse her. After bath she gets her bedtime feeding a little play and she sleeps well. Some other tips: make sure there is no loud noise or TV or anything that can overstimulate the baby, and try walking the baby in a different room. Your aim is to simulate the womb where it's quiet but there is lots of white noise and the baby is snug. Good luck!



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