Fussy DD

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krithi20 - June 2

Hi, My daughter is 5 weeks now. for the past week or 10 days, she has this new thing where, anywhere from 2 PM to 11 PM, she just keeps crying, doesnt sleep, shakes her hands and legs fastly as if she is trying to kick something and doesnt take milk ( br___tfeed usually). I try to give her formula during these times, and she doesnt want that either. I just dont know what to do. Anybody has any advice?


Kathleen - June 2

Sounds like it could possibly be colic. My son had very mild colic. During his fussy times he just likes to be held, facing out, while I do chores and things. He cries if I sit down so I just walk around the house. Eventually he's ready for a nap. Maybe your DD is just tired during that time and is fighting sleep??? I couldn't believe how young my son was (just a few weeks) when he started to fight going to sleep!!!


ssmith - June 3

My daughter is 5 weeks too and has been doing the exact same thing every evening from about 8pm to 10pm or so. In my daughters case, it's gas or I suppose a bit of colic. My hubby & I are pretty sure that's whats making her scream & cry. She kicks her legs and pulls them up to her tummy trying to get the gas out. It's hard to watch because we can't really help. She likes the swing, or being walked around. I'm hoping it pa__ses soon. Good luck!


Annette - June 3

Have you tried swaddling her? Sometimes that soothes them down and once they realize they can´t kick and shake, they stop trying and most of the time fall asleep. About the bottle problem, what I do when ds won´t take a bottle is trying different nipples. And formulas.... my son who is usually b___stfed will take Similac but not Enfamil, he gags and spits it.


ssmith - June 3

Yeah, I forgot to mention swaddling...that's good too. Annette, do you have any idea about what the difference is between the formulas?? I'm curious about why your LO would gag and spit up one but not the other...


Annette - June 3

Well, to be honest the smell of Enfamil makes me gag too LOL. Smells "too metallic" to me, it´s probably too much iron, Similac doesn´t smell that strong and I have the impresion that it doesn´t make as much foam when being mixed.


waiting100 - June 3

My son is 7 weeks 2 days - about 1 week ago I was having the same problem--fussy baby from about 3pm until 11pm--during this time he would not sleep, cry, wiggle around, nothing soothed him -- I realized that the reason he was so fussy and could not sleep was on days where he was overstimulated -- me running too many errands with baby or having an extra long lunch with girlfriend--if he stayed awake for more than 2 hours, then the fussiness would kick in and he would not sleep. So now I keep him on a very strict routine (naps and eating) and that seemed to have fixed the problem. I hear 6 weeks is a major growth spurt so that might have been the problem also. I still run errands with baby, etc., but I know I have to be quick and get right home so my baby gets his nap. Good luck--trying to soothe a baby for that many hours is exhausting and makes you feel like you are a bad mother!!! Hang in there!



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