Fussy Eater At 8 Weeks

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MelissaK - November 6

Anybody have any advice for a fussy eater? DD is 8 weeks tommorrow. She's thriving, gaining weight, etc. IF we get her take 4 ounces, it's time to celebrate. More often, it's 2- 3.5 ounces. Often there is gas which we get to move through with gentle pats and such. I guess we average about 22 ounces per day on a 3 hour schedule with one night feed. Shouldn't she be eating more? I have her 2 month well check Friday and I am wondering if perhaps we need to get a prescription for gas? Maybe the gas tricks her into thinking he is full? But then she won't take any more bottle after the gas passes... by the way, I was br___tfeeding but now she is on formula full time (soy simalac).


Prego1 - November 6

You don't need a prescription for the gas drops. You can buy it over the counter, it's called Mylicon. Your baby could be ga__sy with the soy formula. I think she's ok with what she's eating. My dd is 9 weeks old and she eats between 4-5 oz per feeding. Sometimes she'll only drink 3 oz but then make up for it later.


MelissaK - November 6

Thanks. Soy formula has been the best for the gas. But every 2nd or third feed, it's like a wrestling match, it's nuts. I swear she hates food! We just switched to the Avent #2 nipple, and the flow is a little faster then the newborn nipple. Not sure if I should have. I guess if she is gaining weight, and she has very alert activity time, and good naps, I should stop worrying. BUT, I have read she will sleep through the night if we can get the calories up during the day. I'd LOVE to get rid of the 2 am feed!!


kristie h - November 6

If she has a problem with gas i would reccomend gripe water, go to a chemist and ask for it, i cant live without it in my house. I asked my doctor this question a few weeks ago as i have a 7 week old and i was wondering if i was over feeding him. He has a bottle of 150ml every 3-3.5 hours but he seems to go to the next levels of mills sooner then what is recomended which concerned me. My doctor said if he is taking it then its fine after all we ALL have different appit_te levels. If your DD is putting on weight i would not worry so much maybe she will be a small eater as she gets older? BUT you could try to hold her out to every 4 hours for a feed that way she will be hungry enough to want a bigger feed. The 2am feed will be there for a while, its better when they can hold the bottle themselves that way you just give it to them and off to bed you go.


kristie h - November 6

also, on the formula tin that i have its says disreguard any unfinised feed after an hour so what i do if he has not had the full bottle i keep it untill that hour is nearly up and offer him the rest, maybe you could try that?


kimberly - November 6

Have you considered that it could be reflux and not gas. Babies with reflux have lots of discomfort when they eat and sometimes will not take as much at a feeding. Maybe discuss it at your appointment Friday.


GloriaD - November 6

My dd is nine weeks and we also just switched to avent #2 nipple, it says from 1month so you should be okay. My dd eats between 3-5 oz depending on how she's feeling, but averages about 24 oz a day so your dd is doing well. If dd doesn't want to eat will she make up for it later by eating more or more often? Oh, and we are just now once in a while skipping the night feeding.


Prego1 - November 7

I could also be reflux. Ask your pediatrician about it, it's very common in babies. Thankfully it doesn't stay forever.


MelissaK - November 7

Today is a little bit brutal. Every feeding has been 2.5 ounces with lots of gas coming up. My DH is picking up Mylosic on his way home tonight, I'll try that I guess.


suze42 - November 7

imo it sounds like your DD is doing great! There is a variance in how much all babies take...if 24 oz is the goal then 22 is close enuf...esp if she is gaining weight..thats pretty much what the Doc looks at. Also, the gas is very common...and it will go away shortly. My DD is 4 mos and burps on her own now...and works out her own gas. Also, remember b___stfeeders do not go by how many oz their babies eat...just if they are full and thriving.. I think your babe is fine.


rohan - November 9

Sounds like my lo. Every meal has become a wrestling match. Takes an hr sometimes two to just get that 4 oz in him. We have to check the old milk get a new bottle all in one feeding. He is 3 months and still taking 3-4 oz every 3 hrs. Does about 22-26 a day. we use enfamil thickened because he has reflux but we are going off it from today. We think it might be the formula. I am at a loss. Tried slower flow - does reduce his gas a little because he doesn't gulp in so much, but still he is so ga__sy. poor baby - I feel sad for him I try to feed him when he is sleepy - mostly at night - that's when he makes up for his lost meals. Would love to hear what others have to say on this. Oh ya, Ovol helps him a little. Gripe water worked earlier but now doesn't seem to help him



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