Fussy Only At Night

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pregnantjackie - November 21

My little one is fussy at night...and only at night? Maybe bc he is tired he cries for about an hour at the same time every night. Anyone else have this problem? I cant get him to calm down and I try everything.....TIA


JessC531 - November 21

My lo is fussy whenever she's tired, but she definitely has a fussier period at night - or in the evening rather. I think she's just tired from a long day, but not quite ready to go to bed yet. Like she needs to unwind first. :) My mom said all of us kids were like that too. I'm sure he'll outgrow it!


rohan - November 26

MY LO WAS like that. I realised ( after listening to all the moms here) that he wasn't napping enough and getting overtired and overstimulated. So now, I make sure he sleeps more in his last nap. He is not overtired and goes down to sleep more easily and has stopped crying at night. may be increase the last nap time - or put him to bed earlier - or may it is what jess says his way of winding down. our lo does go to sleep earlier now


excited2bemama - November 26

My lo was like this too.... and I realized I was keeping her up to late.. she went to bed around 9 pm... I slowey started putting her to bed earlier.. she nows goes to bed around 6:30 pm and we eleminated that fussy period... if she doesn;t nap well then she is still fussy from abour 4pm- till bedtime, She just gets to a point where she would rather be sleeping so apparently 6:30 is the magic bedtime.. I personally would prefer she go to bed around 7pm but everytime I try to keep her up a little bit later she fusses and whines like crazy.


pregnantjackie - November 27

yup, that was it...he was overstimulated. God forbid we have visitors....boy does he scream then! He goes to bed around 10 pm, he is wide awake before that. Then is up at 6 or 7am...thats not much sleep but at least he sleeps through the night. Also, he naps throughout the day. Maybe that schedule is horrible for him....being an ftm I feel like I don't know anything. We plan on moving to NH in spring, too...thats a 3 hr time difference from where we are in cali. Should I be getting him on some sort of routine?? TIA


lin7604 - November 27

i would start trying. how old is your lo? I had mine on a real good schedulae by 3m onths, really at 2 month's it was a good one. He is still on a schedule and he's 13 months now and i tell you he lets you know when HIS schedule is being messed up for what ever reason. He is completely a schedule baby, sometimes i'm thankful for that and other times it drives me crazy as we can never stay up late, go out, etc.


lin7604 - November 27

oh i would def move up his bedtime as i believe he is way OT for sure.


excited2bemama - November 27

i would put his bedtime earlier too... sometimes when they appear to be wide awake they are actually WAYYYY overtired and on their second wind.... so you are moving to NH??????


pregnantjackie - November 28

thganks Lin, I'm going to make his bedtime a bit earlier. Hopefully he still naps all a.m. if I do that, cause thats when I work. E2BMama- I hope so! It depends how business is going. I can probably get a loan, but I want to be able to put a LOT down so its a better loan.... we have our heart set on the Littleton, NH area.....way up north in the white mountain region. Neither of us have actually been up there but have seen pics and looked into it...it looks beautiful. We want small town living with big town amenities....coming from Los ANgeles, we are so sick of it here. Do you happen to know anything about Littleton? I know that probably the only town in New Hampshire that is bad is Berlin, bc there is a prison but I could be wrong. I have never been there and I'm sure there are more. But coming from LA (CA) where the crime is horrible, as is the cost of living, etc. The schools out here have a 66% drop out rate. !!!!!. What area are you in again?



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