Fussy Snacker 8wks Old Please Help

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rohan - September 21

Hi, My 8 wks old is still only taking 20 ounces a day. we spend roughly 13 hrs getting him to drink that much II pump and feed him thru the bottle (have latch problems). he takes 1 hr to take in 2 ounces - he sometimes falls asleep, sometimes is fussy so won't take the milk - despite crying for food. We let him cry for food but then as soon as he gets the bottle he takes an ounce or half and calls it quits either sleepy or fussy or too distracted to suck. My husband and I take turns - he wakes up after every 2 hrs and we are at a loss as what to do. we tried not feeding him for 3 hrs to see if that would increase his intake he just misses out on that meal and doesn' put on enough weight.


kimberly - September 21

Breast is always best , but maybe you should start to supplement a feeding or two a day. Maybe he don't like the taste. I know your diet can effect the taste of b___st milk. Have you talked to his Dr.? If not that is the first thing you should do. It can be something else causing him not to eat. He needs to be gaining weight at a steady pace right now.


wailing - September 22

I agree, u should talk to ur pedi. At 8wks old they should have a much better eating routine unless there is a problem. Could it be the bottle? Is the nipple okay? Maybe try switching to a different type?


dreamy2433 - September 22

Have you tried another bottle?


suze42 - September 22

Ask your ped definitely BUT i do not think there is anything to worry about...babies kinda eat when and houw much they need. of course w/the exception of some that dont eat and are ill. My DD 11wks sometimes has days where all she does is nosh on the bottles all day..never really completing one...then other days shes a piggy and cant get enuf.... As long as they are gaining weight, no throwing up alot and appropriately growing developmentally then no worries. We are all diff sizes and eat diff amounts. Again tho, if it worries you always go to the doc.


pregnantjackie - September 24

My baby will only eat out of certain bottles and nipples. Have you tried suctioning his nose? Maybe he is conjested. Also my son is fussy while eating if I wait until he is crying to feed him, so I try to start feeding him when he is looking at me with his mouth open, before he starts to cry. That way it doesn't get to the point where he is wearing himself out with tears beforehand.



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