FYI Fluvirin By Chiron Corp Got Approved For Use In The US

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BBK ® © - October 13

It's a flu vaccine and it DOES contain Thimerosal (for those who are concerned). I wonder it the approval was given at the last moment because of shortages last year.


- October 13



Chelsey - October 13

Is this just in the states? Or in Canada too? (Not that I'll be getting one for my kids) We had a shortage last year too, partially I guess because the States needed the vaccine, and "we" gave ours away! Is Anna going to be getting her flu shot? I'm guessing....NO!!!


soleil - October 13

what is thimerosal, sorry dont know...


chelsey - October 13

Thimerosal, which is approximately 50% mercury by weight, has been one of the most widely used preservatives in vaccines. It is metabolized or degraded to ethylmercury and thiosalicylate. Thimerosal is more toxic than mercury and giving a ten-pound infant a single vaccine in a day is the equivalent of giving a 100 pound adult 40 vaccines in a day....just to give you an idea Soleil, of what it is!


BBK ® © - October 13

Don't know Chelsey; You may have the same 4 suppliers. In addition to what you said thimerosal was voluntarily pulled out of the vaccine production five to 6 years ago, but somehow it made its re-appearence on the influenza vaccines, and most influenza vaccines TODAY contain it: (take out any dashes)


BBK ® © - October 13

Also, I'm not sure if Chiron makes infant vaccines but last year they got their license suspended because their lab was contaminated. This caused a vaccine shortage of the vaccine last year. This year they just got their license back.


Shelly - October 13

Thanks for the info...i know what to do...i mean what NOT to do!!!


soleil - October 13

Whoaa didnt know all that. But thanks for the info


monica - October 13

we are all getting our flu shots this Saturday....except for my 11 week old but will my 5 year old be OK?


BBK ® © - October 13

Monica you may want to find out the make and type of what you're getting. 30% of the vaccines don't have it and I think Arnold banned it in CA (don't quote me though)



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