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sahmof3 - January 16

Thanks AmberC! There was another site I was on a few months ago, but it only listed names within a zip code, not addresses. I looked each up in the phone book and, of course, none were listed, so I couldn't find addresses until now. The closest is 2 miles away, but only 6/10 mile from my son's school. There are 3 practically right across the street from the park I take my kids to... I will think twice about going there again as it is hard to have eyes on 3 kids all at once. I just don't think I can go there again wondering is some sick basta*d is looking out his window at my kids. Also, found a guy that I went to school with on there (knew about him before, now I know where he lives). Scary!!!!


tallgirl - January 16

I have 120 within 5 miles 40 within 2 miles and 15 within lest than a mile. But I live in Los Angeles and I can't afford anywhere else unless I leave the state...then I would have to leave my family...and I am a single mom. :-(


Felisha - January 16

i just went to this website and found out that a rapist live .81 miles from me and there are som many s_xual offenders agains children. now i am a littel scared


Deirdra - January 16

There are 2 in my town i know of them is a friends of mines afther! ive slept over her HOUSE! the other is a father of a 1 yr old boy. BUT my dh used to be friends with him my dh is actually the one who reported the rape...he was the designated driver one night and the guy and a girl (who was pa__sed out cold), were in the back and then my hubby and friend in the front (it was a mini van) well when they go to the girls house she got out the van dressing herself and when the were pulling away my hubby asked him what happend and he said "he got himself some!!!" my hubby went and reported it b/c she was pa__sed out she didnt know until hubby told her.! he felt like c___p for months after that...b/c he didnt know what was happenednig


amberC - January 16

that is so sad ur dh did the right thing in reporting it though. im happy im not the only one who was so shocked.


lexa - January 16

This is scary! In PA you can go on and look this up under Meghans Law. It also shows the same info as family watch dog. Really scary! If only we wouldve checked before we bought our first house. We had 28 around us. Our new house now that we moved to has 2 (and they aren't even close....a city away). And the scary thing is, how many are out there that haven't been caught or didn't register?


mcatherine - January 16

lexa - that's what scares me even more - the ones they haven't caught!!!!


ash2 - January 16

I HAVE 236 OFFENDERS WITHIN 20 MILES OF MY HOUSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im freaken out !


mcatherine - January 16

Sorry ash2 - where do you live? Must be No offense to any Fla residents, but my sister lives in Fla - first Cocoa Beach, them Melbourne, now Indialantic and there are always high, high numbers like that!!! Goodness, I thought mine was bad!


aurorabunny - January 16

GOOD post Amber, thank you. I've been meaning to actually look at that site for a while now but kept forgetting. There's one on my STREET. Ick. Also---scarily, I have seen half of the sc_mbags on there in person before because my husband works at the only bar in town and have seen a good deal of them hanging out up there. GROSS.


ash2 - January 16

No i live in SC....


Rhiannon - January 16

Hi. I looked for Canada. At least in Ontario the public is not allowed to see the s_x offender registry, but when one is released into your community the police inform the community by putting something in the paper or on the news.


sahmof3 - January 16

UGH. I decided to do searches for friends and family. I looked up where I used to live in TX., because my niece lives right in that same town and I am familiar with the streets, etc. There is one a few streets away from her and her two young boys with a conviction of agg. s_x. a__sault of a child. He lives less than a mile from the school (small town, the school houses K-12). ggrrr!


amberC - January 16

the amount of them is scary. the ones who havent been caught scare the hell out of me to!


Lindsey - January 17

this is what we are fighting for in the UK. At the moment these s_xual predators are protected and theie ident_ty will not be revealed. In 2000 a girl aged 8 called Sarah Payne was abducted by a paedophile (sp?) and s_xually abused and murdered. Apparently he was a local in the area but his s_x offender record was kept confidential, we have been fighting for sarah's law for years now, I believe we have the right to be protected rather than these s_x offenders. Let's hope 2007 is the year for sarah's law to be introduced.


piratesmermaid - January 17

I wanna know how they decide who should be registered, because I know of one that should be on there and ISN'T.



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