Gagging Herself

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Heidi - January 23

Okay Emma started doing this over the weekend. She LOVES to chew on her fingers now and last night she kept sticking them so far in her mouth she'd gag, look at me funny and then do it again! Ha ha! I keep pulling her hand out telling her to stop gagging she really understands...but ya say it anyway. She hasn't barfed yet. Anyone else's 3 month old doing this? She's not hungry either. She just has a new facination with fingers. If she gets a hold of mine she shoves it in there too. Ha ha!


Elisaebth - January 23

imy hubby and i adopted a little girl when she was 1 month old and after she was about 2 or 3 months she began doing the same thing. the dr. said it was normal just a new experience for her...


Shannon - January 23

isabelle's 3 months old in a couple days and she's been sticking her hands in her mouth for a while now. it's cute but sometimes she makes herself gag. it's kinda nice that she likes to suck on something other than me now!!


Heidi - January 23

Glad it's normal. She even likes to try to squeeze her thumb in her mouth when she's nursing! I have to keep getting it out of there. Ha ha! Little stinker!


Shannon - January 23

oh yeah, she does that too. sometimes she ends up grabbing my nipple when she's trying to put her hand in her mouth, which hurts like a b&*%h!


Heidi - January 23

Oh yeah, I've just about jumped out of my seat when she does it cus my nipple gets pinched in the process! Grrr!!!!


KrisD - January 23

As soon as my son could get his hands in his mouth he was doing the same thing! He is almost 5 months and still doing it. And he makes this weird face and sort of pauses while he does it and then looks at me like I did it. Now that he is getting a little more coordinated, he can gag himself with his thumb alone... not just the whole hand anymore. I thought he must have long fingers! HA!


Christophers Dawn C - January 23

HAHA to funny. Looks like we are going thru the same thing again with our lil ones! I guess I will just let him be and see what happens. I just know the paci can be taken away alot better than the thumb in years to come


babygirls1st - January 23

My baby boy does it all the time too!! he is 4mos old.


Kristina - January 23

Tasia does this...she is 12 weeks tomorrow. I asked the nurse about it and her exact words were "Blieve it or not, they learn alot about their world by chewing on their hands". It does drive me crazy when she gags though.


Nick - January 24

My son started gagging himself with his hands pretty young. He is 5 months old now and the other day I fed him some bannanas and then gave him a plastic key ring. He shoved the keys so far into his mouth that he threw up all of the bannanas!


Heidi - January 24

Ha ha! Yep, Emma loves her fingers! At night I wake up cus she's chewing on them and making the funniest sounds.



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