Gas Drop Question

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krnj - May 17

Hi just wondering how often do you give your lo gas drops? I'm not sure if I should give it to my gassy ds after every feeding or not. Thanks in advance!


jessielouwho - May 17

I have given my son drops after every feeding when necessary, mine say do not exceed 12 doses in 24hrs, that would work out to every 2 hrs, because I'm b___stfeeding that's just about how often my ds eats. However, his doctor said only give them to him 3 times, it would be a very unpleasant household if I did that, I went along w/ what the label says.


Ronni - May 17

Hi krnj- how's it going? i used to give my ds gas drops at almost every feeding some days. But i recently switched formula beacuse he was very ga__sy anfd that made a huge difference. now i maybe do the drops 1-2 times a day. the box says that you can give it up to 12 times a day. I was using avent and dr.brown bottles but he as drinking avent to fast so now i only use dr. browns and that has also helped alot. Are you b/f ? if so ii guess this info doesn't help you much! :)


krnj - May 17

Hi Ronni how are you doing? I use the dr. browns bottles too but he is still very ga__sy. I'm not b/f, he's on similac advance w/iron. I find that he's more ga__sy at night so I've been giving him the drops then. I wasn't sure if I should be giving them to him during the day or not. How is your ds sleeping?


Ronni - May 17

Hi krnj- i was also sing similac w/iron.About 2 weeks ago Justin was real ga__sy and not enjoying his feedings. Grunting a lot, crying pulling his legs up. I called the dr. and she told me to try Enfamil Gentle Ease, what a difference. He is sooo much better and happy again. it is for fussy and ga__sy babies. How much does your ds eat? Mine just started to eat 5 oz at some feedings. I go to my dr. on mon. so i will ask her if that is not to much.I don't know. He sleeps pretty good, but only for 2-3 hours at the most at one time. But I think that is normal, right? What about your ds?He does sleep more at night which i am happy about. Who is your pedi? I see Dr.Davidson in Englewood. She is wonderful, really nice. They are very nice in the office. Do you know of any mommy and me groups in NJ? It gets so boring sometimes all day, i would love to hang with other moms sometimes. Do you have many "mommy friends" ?


krnj - May 17

Ronni, my ds just started to eat about 5 oz also. It takes him forever to eat!! He falls asleep & I have to wake him. He also sleeps about 2-3 hours at one time. I feel like a walking zombie! Thank god for coffee!! ;) We go to a Dr. Steinel in Hackensack. She is great. I've been taking him to the mall a lot lately just to get outa the house. I do have a few mommy friends that I see occasionally. If you want to email me it's I wish I knew of some mommy & me groups around. Actually there is a yoga place in my town that just opened & they have a mommy & me cla__s. I think the baby has to be crawling though. I'll check it out.


SonyaM - May 17

We put gas drops in EVERY bottle and my ds has NEVER had a problem with gas. I highly recommend this. Also I used to always buy the brand name gas drops but recently started buying the generic brand and they work just as well. The price difference is unbelievable.


Bonnie - May 17

KRNJ, I just thought I'd throw this out at ya. As you know my son also has the reflux, etc. etc. etc. Did you know if they have extreme air issues that can be a cause of the reflux as well? We used Dr.Brown's for months. Then someone on my reflux site who had a similar baby switched to the playtex nurser with the drop in and used the LATEX nipple. I bought one just to check and it made a HUGE difference. The larger nipple and the latex helped him latch on SO well. No more air, far less reflux, and he won't even accept a Dr.Brown anymore. It may be a long shot, but might be worth your while to just buy one and check it out. Make sure to try the latex though.


Ronni - May 17

Hi krnj- I am going to e-mail you. My e-mail is


nic nac - May 18

Ronnie and krnj - i live in nj too!!! where do you two live?


krnj - May 18

Hey Nic Nac, I live in Saddle Brook, NJ. Where are you?


Ronni - May 19

Hi nic nac- I am from west New York, NJ What about you?


nic nac - May 21

i live in roseland krnj and ronnie


ash2 - May 21

lol... i remember the days when i gave my son gas drops like it was candy ! i almost had to give it before every feeding. but if he is having that much problems with gas, it sounds like you could try changing to a different type of bottle or formula. this worked for me !



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