Gas Maybe

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Rabbits07 - June 7

On Sunday at church I took ds (9 1/2 weeks) downstairs to nurse. I laid him on the changing table to change him first and he started screaming. I thought he was just mad because he was hungry, so i went ahead and got him back up and nursed him. After a few minutes he pulled off, arched his back, drawed up his arms & legs and cried. I burped him and latched him back on, but within a few minutes he did it again. I would get him latched back on and he would nurse for 20-30 seconds and then start crying again. I checked to make sure that milk was coming out (it was). He was screaming so loud that a lady from upstairs came down to make sure that he was okay (she was concerned because he never cries in church). By the time we got home he seemed a little better, but was still fussier than usual. He was fine Monday and yesterday, but then began the same thing as Sunday while we were at church last night. This time I tried bouncing up & down while standing and he seemed content with that. He would start to cry every now and then, but I would "ssshhhh, ssshhh" and he would quiet down. On both occassions he has burped some, but he always burps after feeding and has never seemed in pain before? I had my pastor pray for him, but was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what you think it is?


Marlene - June 7

I have never had this but have you tried gas drops when this happen on Sunday and last night? When my ds seems ga__sy I give him gas drops and about 2oz of water and rub his tummy. It is not much but the gas drops seem to help a lot. I know they say do not burp a baby for more then 5mins but sometimes you have to. The other day I just knew my ds had another burp it took about 15mins of burping but he let up this huge burp and smiled at me as to say thanks Mom I needed that. So I said all that to say try burping alittle bit longer sometimes its in there they just can't get it out. I hope I helped you alittle and that your son is feeling better!!


Bonnie - June 7

I'm not sure in your case. The arching back and screaming and pulling away during eating, despite wanting more is a cla__sic reflux sign. But that is not the normal for him is it?


Rabbits07 - June 7

He did burp quite a few times while I was bouncing with him. I got dh to go get gas drops on Sunday and gave them to him and then I gave them last night when we got home. Both times though he wasn't crying anymore the way he had been, so I'm not sure if they helped or not. I was thinking gas, too. DH said he was just spoiled to be held, but I was holding him when he done it!


Rabbits07 - June 7

Bonnie, I didn't see your post until I posted my second. No, he's never done this before...Sunday was the first time. He spits up sometimes with his burps, but it's nothing excessive and he doesn't cry with those (I've read wet burps can indicate reflux, too) But would he cry with those? . I was just totally stressed on Sunday and last night because I didn't know what to do to help him.


Sarahsmommy - June 7

Reflux doesn't always have spitting up with it. When Sarah was dealing with it she usually didn't have any spitting up. I would suggest if he keeps doing it to maybe check with at least a nurse at the doctors office. Poor Baby :(


fasha12 - June 7

If this continues for any period of time I would go see your dr. Your little one sounds like my son. I thought it was just colic and that he would outgrow it so I lived with it for 7 long weeks. Finally I was directed to go to a dr and he was prescribed liquid zantac and hyosciamine. After the first dose he was a different baby. I would definitely get him to a dr. It will make your life and his a lot more pleasant!


austinsmom - June 7

This has happened to me and for my lo is was air in his belly.....I had to bring my lo to work one day and he was so fussy which is not like him and everytime I would lay him down he would scream in fact the only position he was happy in was in the upright position and not totally happy there.....this went on and on till I was just holding him and bouncing with him to keep him quiet almost the same situation as hubby came to get our lo and took him home....lo continued to be fussy so my hubby put him up on shoulder and patted his back he said he must have done this for 10 to 15 minutes with lo being fussy off and on and got a couple of burps but lo continued to be fussy until suddenly a huge burp came out of lo so loud and long lo had problems catching breath and scared the heck out of hubby....hubby said after this huge burp lo was happy again and when I got home he was back to normal self.....hope for you this is all it I do not know why "they" (who are "they" anyway?) say not to burp for more than 5 minutes but to have your lo on you shoulder patting him on his back what harm could possibly come from that? Good Luck hope your lo does'nt even have this problem again....... :-)


Kel - June 7

Rabbit, I was just like fasha, had this problem as well. I thought it was gas at the time, even swtiched bottles on my dd. A couple of weeks ago, she actually started the spitting up and screaming with her burps, then wasn't eating well. Would eat, cry and eat some more, but not her normal amount. After telling the dr a million times, she is now on reflux meds and doing much better... the doctor also switched her formula to the alimentum. We just swtiched, so I don't know if that is helping yet as it can take a couple of weeks. Now, I just have to learn to get her meds in her, they taste horrible so she sometimes spits them out!



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