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Kristina - September 20

My son is 8 days old........he got up around 11pm and finally went to sleep around 2am. He had what look like Gas Pains :( his tummy was hard and he was fussy. I gave him some Mylicon drops to help relieve the pain of GAS, but his tummy is still hard and he did fall asleep. Are there any other ways to help relive GAS PAINS? He is on Enfamil Lipil w/Iron, but If his tummy is hard and he has GAS PAINS, should I still feed him? I dont want him to go hungry. He was very fussy sucking on his fingers so I offered him a bottle he took about an ounce, but he puked I felt so bad that I even cried, because he was in pain. :(


BBK ® © - September 20

Sorry to hear about your troubles.... it does get better. First make sure he's not constipated. Young babies have trouble going for "no 2" because they can't coordinate their bowels well yet. If he spits up excesively, talk to his doc. He may suggest a different Enfamil (AR), but probably not yet since it's too early to determine if your son is gaining weight properly. Anyway this situation is temporary and we went through the same in the first few weeks.... so hang in there!


Jadyns Mommy - September 20

You can try laying him on his back and moving his legs in a circular motion (like pedalling a bicycle). This can help to work out the gas as well.


Jbear - September 21

You should try burping him after every ounce of formula. If he's burping enough and is still ga__sy, talk to the doctor. My daughter had that problem and we just started her on lactose-free formula yesterday. It seems to be making a difference.


Shelly - September 21

My son is now 6 weeks old and i b___stfeed and supplement with Enfasil Gentlease.Its new from enfamil and it has everything enfamil lipil has but its formulated for babies with ga__siness and fussiness.Also when he has gas and after giving him mylicon i lay him on my chest like when you burp him,and he falls a sleep like that.That way it puts some pressure on his tummy,and when he is a SLEEP I PUT HIM ON HIS BACK IN HIS BASSINET.Hope this works for you.


monica - September 21

my son suffers from gas as well. I do many things to try to make him feel better. The circular motion with the legs really makes them feel better. Also I give gripe water it works better for my son than the mylicon drops. I also use the doctor brown bottles which are great for babies that suffer from gas. Make sure you burp him a lot it helps. My ped. told me that he is not constipated. So I knew that was not the problem with my son.


Rachael - October 1

I had never heard of gripe water until I read some of these posts, I might try them. Like many of you I use mylicon, motion, Dr brown bottles, frequent burping etc. All of which really do help


TC - October 5

to shelly or anybody else! can i find mylicon in a regular drug store or does it have to be prescribed. my 5 wk old son gets very ga__sy and i have to do the bicycle thing with his legs to get it out. i tried burping him after a ounce or two but he does not like that at all. he really loves to eat and interupting him starts a war.


Shelly - October 6

You can get the mylicon drops at any drugstore.There are 2 dosages on it and you give him the lowest.If your baby is very ga__sy you can give him a dose every hour -my pediatrician told me this-but do not give him more than 4 doses -4 hours- in a row.I burp my son after every ounce and he also throws a fit when burping,he does not like to be interrrupted,but if he doesn't burp pretty quick i feed him again andtry it after the next ounce and that works good for him and me.i also do the bicycle motion and all together has worked out real good,he hasnt had colic sice aal this combined since he was 4 weeks old,and he is 8 weeks now.


C - October 9

I know what you are going through, were do you get the gripe water?



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