Gas Relief Question

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USMC_wife - January 26

Any ideas on ways to help with gas on an 8 week old? I know about mylicon, but just wondering if anyone else has tried anything better. Any suggestions are appreciated!


kellens mom - January 26

Pedal your lo's legs a lot to help the gas move through the intestines. We would have to pedal for 15 minutes or so after dd ate to help the gas along. If you wait to pedal when your lo is feeling bad, then he/she will tend to tense-up. We call it "preventative pedaling". Good luck!


srigles - January 26

My ds had tons of gas. I tried the gas relief drops which helped a bit, but the best thing for me was switching bottles. Now I use the Playtex nurser with the drop-in liners and my little guy has practically no gas issues any more. I've also heard that the Dr. Brown bottles are good as well. Worth a shot. Good luck!


USMC_wife - January 26

lol....preventative pedaling. srigles...with the playtex nurser bottles, how do you track how much the lo has eaten? The bag sucks in and I can't tell when she's had 1/2 an oz to burp her. I must sound like the biggest ding dong....


srigles - January 26

Yeah, they are hard to read! I just unscrew the lid and let it inflate for a minute, then I can get a better idea of how much he's had. I guess that might defeat the purpose of reducing the air in the bottle, but my little guy hasn't had any problems so far....!


kris313 - January 26

We had a lot of problems with gas too. Two things that made a HUGE difference - we fed her in more of a sitting up position and we put a hot water bottle on her stomach (don't use hot, hot water and make sure it doesn't touch any skin) during feedings. The warmth helps the stomach muscles relax so the gas can move through easier. When things get really bad, we have to pull out the big guns - and this is going to be gross. I use a thermometer and tickle the "area" a little. Make sure you have a diaper or something to shield you though because sometimes its more than gas that comes out. The first time I did it, she shot poop all over me and halfway across the room.


srigles - January 26

LOL, Kris, that's too funny!


USMC_wife - January 26

LMAO!!! I have a spray pooper too! Hubby started changing her diaper before she was through and got it all over.....not to mention everywhere in the room! Thanks for the help, ladies!


mandee25 - January 26

Two words--gripe water! Give it a try. It works for us.


aggie03 - January 26

ditto on the gripewater (Wholefoods, or any Indian market in town) I think I saw a version of it a Walgreens but not the authenic stuff. My ped gave me a percription but I prefer to give her gripewater becuase its more natural.


EMBERBABY - January 26

GRIPE WATER definitely, it worked great for my lo. I bought mine at Babies r' Us it was the Little Remedies brand.



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