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jb - March 7

I was wondering if anyone has any remedies for a gassy baby. I bf my baby and I am good about getting as many burps out of her as I can. I also have been giving her the mylicon gas drops to help out. Are there any positions that seems to help you baby expell gas or relieve an upset stomach? I feels so terrible because my dd has been fighting this gassy problem for the past week or so and it seems worse at night time. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Cheryl - March 8

I use Gripe Water. It works pretty well to sooth their ga__sy tummies. I wonder why it's always worse at night??


kristie - March 8

Hi jb, i also use gripe water my mum put me on it when i was a abay and i did the same. It works great and fast too and i would recomend it to anyone. You can by it from the chemist and it tast great tast.


layney - March 8

same here - i bf my son and he too is a ga__sy guy, mylicon drops don't really help him so i hunted around for some gripe water (baby's bliss brand) and am now using that. it helps wonderfully and he is a different baby now - so much more peaceful.


layney - March 8

by the way - if you go to (remove any dashes in this link that may appear), you can find stores near you that sell it. only two stores in my city sell it - it's hard to find and the pharmacist i bought it from said it's equally hard to keep in stock since so many moms want it.


Sarahsmommy - March 8

Sometimes if I can't get a burp from putting her on my shoulder I will lie her across my lap and pat her back. The added pressure on her tummy helps get more gas out. I also use gripe water, I got mine at whole foods if you have one near you.


JEN - March 8

I too have an extremely ga__sy baby. I tried the baby's bliss gripe water, but it did not work for me (although it seems to have worked for many others). I now use colic calm brand gripe water, and it works like magic. I give it to my son before he eats his night time bottle (his gas is also much worse at night) and he burps like a 30 year old man, and then sleeps through the night. Good luck with whatever you try!!!


Heidi - March 8

Maybe try to eliminate milk from your diet. I had to. It helped some. Otherwise putting her on her tummy helped work the gas out or putting her in a sitting position on my lap facing foward and I would sort of rock her forward and back with me and that helped break up the gas. Or lay her across your lap on her tummy, exercise her legs back and forth while she's on her back. It gets better when they get a little older. Her gas problems pretty much stopped around 3 months when she became more mobile.


Bonnie - March 8

As the others have said, different positioning helps with the burbs. Burp at least every ounce. Gripe water and Mylicon drops (though neither work for my son). If it is still bad consider what issues may be causing formula intolerence. Also, make sure if you bottle feed the nipple hole is large enough. I just found out the hard way my son needed a larger nipple size at only 6 weeks. I would buy all sizes and occasionally keep testing them out. Good luck!



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