Gassy Baby

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preggiepop02 - May 11

My 2.5 week old seems to be having some gas issues. He'll strain and get real red in the face, scream for a second and then pass his gas. What can I do for him? It kills me to see him like this.


Bonnie - May 11

It's tough when they go trough this. We also had a lot of issues with it and it eventually turned into a reflux problem for us. :( Gas issues USUALLY resolve at about 3-4 months, not that it makes it any easier, but it's not a permanent thing. When their tummies develop more it starts to go away. Things you can do to help in the meantime (though I find nothing stops it completely).....burp after every ounce. You can use infant gas drops (like Mylicon) after every feed. Gas drops will help any left over air that is in the tummy. Once the air gets into the intestines it will not help. This is why for some people these drops are a God send, and for others they do nothing. Burping after every ounce will help get rid of the air before it hits the intestines. Sometimes air develops in the intestines, usually dur to what they are eating (or what you are eating if you b___stfeed). In these cases, altering your diet or changing formulas can help. But don't do that without speaking to your pediatrician first. Formula changes upset the tummy and take a good 2 weeks to kick in so don't go that route until you ped can rule out everything else. Also, invest in some good bottles built for gas/colic. Dr. Brown's are usually the favorite. But I would recommend to buy one of each bottle and test them out befor eyou invest in a set as they are pricey. We bought a ton of Dr.Browns but it turned out my son wasn't latching well on them and had to finally go to Playtex Nursers (the wide nipple) WITH latex on top of that. We had a special test done at the hospital (a reflux thing) to check for something else but it showed all the air he was swallowing. Different bottles do different things for different babies. Also, test out different nipple flows as well. If they are too fast, baby will choke. But if they are too slow, they swallow a ton more air. Mason was on fast flow nipples at 2 weeks!...........Finally, little things like tummy ma__sages, laying the belly on a warm water bottle, or holding him over your knee can help too. Goodluck!



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