Gassy Baby

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Heidi - November 20

Okay this is starting to get annoying. My almost 6 wk old keeps having bad bellyaches and it seems like an all day event unless she's sleeping. I feel so bad for her and I've tried everything, burping, moving her legs, laying her on her tummy, across my lap, gas drops, nothing seems to help her. I woke up last night to her just fussing up a storm and kicking like mad. She doesn't necessarily cry during this but she grunts and groans so badly and flairing her limbs all over the place and arching her back and when she tries to br___tfeed she gets really mad. Then I'll give her the pacifier and she just grunts and groans and sucks like crazy so I'll feed her and she'll eat but she'll let go and kick and scream and then latch back on and that's painful! She'll practically pull my nipple right off! I thought maybe it was colic but she's already almost 6 wks old and she doesn't really cry during most of the episodes although in the evening is her most crying time but nothing I'd consider bad. My doc said during growth spurts they can get really crabby but she seems to be more uncomfortable than anything. Is there any other tricks I can use to relieve her pain? I just feel bad for her and it's starting to wear on me as our regular routine is getting out of whack cus I'm spending so much time trying to comfort her. We lay in bed half the morning cus she's so crabby!


TO HEIDI--Dawn - November 20

WOW!!!! I would sware we are sisters!! You and I have so much in common. I read a good bit of the ppopst and find alot of what you say I am the same. My lil guy is the same as above and he is just about like your lil one. His sleep pattern to gas to feeding and diapers EVEN the incident of green poop!!!!! I know this cant just be a place for you and I to chat so if you want please feel free to email me at [email protected] I would love to hear from you.


sheree - November 21

Hi guys, try lactose free formula, i just changed my 3wk old to it and it worked a treat, she was going the same thing, i had to stop b___st feeding but it was best for her, my other girls where lactose intolerant as well, good luck and let me know how u go.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 21

My son has been like that from day one. The ga__siness has gotten better the last few weeks, and he is 3 months. The docs keep telling me that other than all the things you are doing, which I did too, they have to outgrow it. It makes a good night sleep next to impossible. Good Luck!! Oh, and he is on alimentum, which is hypoallergenic and contains no lactose or soy, so that did not solve my issue either.


Julie - November 21

My baby started that around 3 weeks. I am not b___stfeeding but changed his formula now he is a different baby smiling all the time and not in any more pain.


Heidi - November 21

Today she's just fine cus all night long she was kicking and farting away in her crib! She kept me up cus I kept laughing at her! All day today she's doing it too and she's just been as happy as can be. Wish every day she felt this good! Poor girl!


michelle - November 21

i am out of town with my 1 month old and she was having the same thing here. i called her pediatrician like 50 times so i got on the internet and i found stuff about gripe water. i went and bought some and she is pa__sed out. i got it a herbal store. i really hopes it works.


Heidi - November 22

Well she had me up at 4 a.m. kicking and grunting in her crib which I normally just let her be and work it out herself but then she started crying so I was up with her till 5:30 a.m. trying to get her to pa__s some gas!!!! She finally went back down and here I am wide awake!


amanda.d - November 22

I know exactly what you're going through. My seven week old was just through that. We found out he was lactose intolerant and so he was really ga__sy and stopped b___stfeeding. We put him on Isomil and that didn't work. My doctor told us to try Similac LF and works like a charm. So if that is an option I would try it. Also I heard that the chiropractor works sometimes for colic. My doctor said the gas drops are basically a waste of money because they only actually work for about 5 mins. If you continue to b___stfeed make sure you eliminate all dairy and ga__sy foods from your diet and gradually add them back in. Good Luck. P.S. a warm bath helped my son.


amanda.d - November 22

P.S. beware of soy formula, the soy causes more gas thats why my doc said similac LF it has no soy or lactose.



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