Gave Her Jello

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allbelly120206 - January 24

Well this isn't really a question, but I gave Kailey a few bites of Jello(no bigger than the size of a pea)...she loved it. Seemed to help her upset belly too!!


allbelly120206 - January 24

oh yeah forgot to mention that she's only 8 weeks old, eats from a spoon so good already!!


flower.momma - January 24

Wha????? Pleas, please tell me this is a joke! Please! Oh dear lord in heaven!


Erynn21 - January 24

Are you serious?


melissa g. - January 24

this has got to be a joke -- pay no attention to this nonsense!


rl- - January 24

ok what is so awful about this post? Jello is not rocks for gosh sakes....what is the big deal with jello?LOL!!


shelly - January 24

what is jello.we dont get it in the uk.


EricaLynn - January 24

I hope you dont think I am nieve, but what is so wrong with jello? Is it bad for babies? When my daughter is around 8 weeks I am concidering putting rice cereal in her b___st milk to fill her up more.....what is so wrong with it?


flower.momma - January 24

8-week olds do not have mature-enough digestive systems to digest anything besides milk. For goodness sake, common sense here! This is incredibly scary. And jello has NO nutritional value, it is just sugar and gelatin. Wow, terrifying.... And ericalynn. BAD IDEA.


mcatherine - January 24

Jello is gelatin, water, sugar and food coloring. Jello or gelatin used to be put in bottles to help with diarrhea, but they found out that it doesn't have enough sodium to help with electrolytes and that the sugar actually made it worse. So although it sounds bad to a lot of people, it isn't actually unheard of. It isn't actually a solid - so feeding it by spoon at 8 weeks is no different from putting it in a bottle. I agree with rl - it isn't like she feed her baby pop rocks! But personally - ooooh, gross - I hate jello!!!!


allbelly120206 - January 24

This is the same thing they give dehydrated children. No its not nonsense. Its sugar water basically. And I didn't give her a whole cup of it, more like 5 pea size bites. Oh yeah it was blue jello too! Yeah she likes rice too, it helps her sleep through the night. Yummy!!!!!


mcatherine - January 24

Although flower.momma is right, too - the sugar is the scary part by far....


flower.momma - January 24

In my opinion, giving tiny infants rice cereal in their bottles to help them sleep through the night is pretty much the same as putting whiskey in their bottles to help them sleep, Or giving them dimetap to do the same. All it does is make your life easier, but it is harmful and careless and is not good for your baby!!! They have trouble digesting it, that is why it stays in their tummy longer. But it does not contain nutrients that they need to help them grow. Yes it is nonsense. It is stupid! Your dd is not dehydrated, and even if she was you should not give her jello because she is 8-weeks old. I normally try not to make waves, but this is so moronic that I had to say so!


Brittany - January 24

AHHH She is only 2 months old!!!! Shes still a BABY!!! Her digestive system is not developed enough to handle any other type of foods besides formula or b___st milk. She could get food allergies too. No wonder she has an upset tummy, your feeding your two month old jello! Sorry to sound harsh, I'm never really harsh on this forum but this sounds soooo incredibly wrong. Let her be a baby, they're only babies once!


hello - January 24

allbelly and erica lyn, do you have a brain between the pair of you? all belly has to be kidding cause solids begin at 6 months, not when a baby is unable to lift their head, let alone swallow.....Ericalyn, deal with it. Yes babies wake in the pm to eat and early am, just deal with it..... you dont add cereal in the bottle just to fill them up so you can get some added rest... You consult a dr first before u do anything. I am sorry to say but what kinda degrees are doctors getting over there in the us... No wonder obesity ranks no 1 there if this is how you stupid mothers deal with your babies.... Allbelly you got the feedback u were looking for with ya fake post and then u see real doozies like erica lyn come out of the woodwork with their stupid questions..... honestly after being on here i feel for some poor babies..... By reading allbellys replies she is mocking everyone by her excitement in her answers which leads me to believe she is bulls'hiting and i hope so as for ericalyn please read what flower momma and brittany have to say.....


ash2 - January 24

Yeah, i have never heard of this chick ...seems to me she is here to " ruffle " some feathers. There is no way i would feed DS jello. Why would you give them something they dont need ? sugar and water ? They get plenty of that in b___stmilk/ formula. The only reason i could think of is to see a funny face out of the


Kara H. - January 24

My stupid sister used to do this type of dumb stuff all the time. She treated her kids like they were just their for her entertainment. She also has a personality disorder, so I suppose that somewhat explains HER dumb actions. I don't know about this one...



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