Gave Her Jello

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Kara H. - January 24

My stupid sister used to do this type of dumb stuff all the time. She treated her kids like they were just their for her entertainment. She also has a personality disorder, so I suppose that somewhat explains HER dumb actions. I don't know about this one...


aggie03 - January 24

FYI, I know a guy who was raised on jello. His mom feed him ungelinized (sp??) jello from a bottle when he was a baby because he was alergic to everything else. We kid him all the time that, that is what is wrong with him though! COULD SHE HAVE MEANT 8 MONTHS??


ConnorsMommy - January 24

aggie- i don't think she could've meant 8 months.. otherwise, she would've corrected herself when she replied to everyone's posts... anyway, i'm not even going to type a response to allbelly's original post because i think it's fake.. i do, however, think ericalynn is for real.. so i have something to say to her.. ericalynn- 8 weeks it too early for rice cereal.. recent studies have shown that putting rice cereal in a babies bottle can cause early childhood diabetes. Just wait an extra 4 weeks (till she's 3mos.) and then talk with her pediatrician and if he/she thinks that your dd is ready for rice cereal, then go for it... but a lot of doctors now are saying to wait till 6mos.


allbelly120206 - January 24

Listen I have a 9 year old who I also done the same thing with and he is extrememly healthy. Yeah I do have a brainor I wouldn't be a nurse and so does the dr's (at work and my dd's dr) that have said this is ok. And Ash2 I have been on here since I found out I was pregnant back in March of last year I just don't respond to EVERYTHING like you do!! I'm from the south so alot of things you "northerners" think is OMG so bad, is ok with us "hillbillies". My grandmother was feeding my mother smashed up pinto beans at 8 weeks old. Go figure. My dd is very healthy, if she wasn't she wouldn't be gaining weight.


ash2 - January 24

Ummm, gaining weight is not always a sign of being could mean early things like obesity and juvinelle diabetes. If you were a nurse you would know that. What are you ...a nurse on a soap oprah ?? Oh, and have you maybe thought that the reason juvenille diabetes and health abnormalities have decreased since years ago because they DO have more studies ??


Bonnie - January 24

If you were a nurse you would know better than to give an 8 week old jello. I agree with the others, BS post..................Shelly, jello is the same thing as jelly over there.


ash2 - January 24

Oh, and by the way...i am a " hillbilly ". Im from the south and i STILL wouldnt do it, so its not an excuse for being " stupid " dont make us all look stupid, because we arent.


jillianT - January 24

holy c___p!!!! it just keeps getting better and better... you are feeding your 8 wk old jello AND you are a nurse!!!! way to go! i'm pretty sure that if you were to ask ANY pediatrician from ANY part of the country they would advise STRONGLY AGAINST giving an 8 wk old baby BLUE JELLO!!! it has NOTHING to do w/ what part of the country we are from, it has EVERYTHING to do w/ common sense.


Kara H. - January 25

Where in the world did you get your nursing degree? Were you sick the whole term they did the peds rotation?


flower.momma - January 25

Oh good god! That "my mom did it with me and I turned out OK" thing is tired. Honey, if you drive your car through a crowd full of people, you're not going to hit all of them! Doesn't mean it is a good idea. This is a joke, you're not real. And the part of the world you're from does not make a difference (this goes for hello too, your remarks about Americans were somewhat uncalled for). The reason that the American Academy does not recommend giving solids until they're 6 months is not because they're big meanies, its because medical research suggests that babies' digestive systems are not mature until that point. I can understand 4 months, but 8 weeks? Holy friggin cow!


flower.momma - January 25

Sorry, got all fired up... American Academy of Pediatrics.


melissa g. - January 25

i have never name called in this forum before but this person is clearly either 1) dumber than a rock or 2) off their rocker totally. But again,since I am fairly certain this is a joke posted to elicit attention, I'll bite: You are a moron and if you ever have a child for real (i think you are making this up), please dont engage in this type of behavior.


hello - January 25

Sorry erica lyn, guess i have been on this site a while and have read of many mums wanting to give their newborns rice cereal etc to make them sleep longer. Sorry you copped it, i guess the original post by allbelly got me started... Like someone said, no rice cereal is not reccomended in a bottle however it seems u do things different than we do in aus.. (solids from 5 to 6 months) Your baby will sleep thru soon enough, if u really want that sleep then change to formula, my daughter who was formula fed slept thru at 5 weeks .... sorry u copped it and allbelly has to be a bored teen.... Never seen her before and she said 'the jello was blue' very sarcastically on top of saying yummy, the rice helps her sleep thru the night.....of course those comments will start a war and are fake. Never do anything without consulting a doctor first ericalyn....sorry i was so harsh......


shelly - January 25

thanks bonnie.


rl- - January 25

ok I can not understand why everyone is so upset over the tiny amount of jello she gave her is not like she fed her a ton of the flower.momma why would you say giving rice cereal at 8wks is the same as whiskey? That is just dumb...I have 3 sons gave them rice cereal at 8wks none of them have food allergies and all are very healthy. I realize that it may have bad effects on some babies but not with mine and my oldest is 17 yrs old so that was mean of you to say just cause you don't do it yourself others do with no problems. I think it is up to the mom.


Kara H. - January 25

You know you could tell someone that you run stop signs all the time and your fine and nothing bad happened - but that certainly means that nothing bad will ever happen everytime someone runs a stop sign. It is a very ignorant statment to make that nothing bad happened when you did it so everyone should do it.



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