Gave Her Jello

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ElizabethL. - January 26

I hate to add any fuel to the fire, but back to the subject, Karo syrup is not a good idea either. I've read that It can harbor botulism spores. Childhood onset diabetes is a serious problem in the U.S. and feeding an infant nothing but high fructose corn syrup is not a good idea. They put that stuff in so much food its difficult to avoid it, but if you have the choice why feed it to your baby? Yuck.


jwhite - January 26

Ladies, Ladies!! Can we all calm down a little and leave this girl/lady alone... Goodness y'all are just being down right rude...


aurorabunny - January 26

I'm bummed now because I was just getting ready to post my myspace to everyone on here so they could see new pics of Brody...=( Now I'm freaked out, not really because of this lady, just because I started thinking about stalkers and crazy creepy stuff like that....


rl- - January 26

well aurorabunny you just have to remember anyone can look at those pics even creeps and these days there are tons of creeps everywhere I really don't think anyone from here is a weirdo or anything but you never know who is reading these posts...just don't include personal info such as address or phone #


lindsay - January 26

aurorabunny--i don't even put pics of my kids on myspace...i always get friend requests and messages from weirdos i've never seen before in my life.. i just use myspace to reconnect and keep in touch with friends. i have a piczo site to show off my kids , that way i can give out the link to who i want. maybe it's a false sense of security, because public internet is public internet, but i feel that piczo is a little more private for that sort of thing. i don't care who sees me on myspace, it's proven to be a great tool for me to be back on the scene with people i lost touch with from high school , etc. it's "MY" space, whereas piczo is just for my kids : )


shelly - January 26

rl- Im 37 in july as well,23rd what date are you,we must be the joint oldies lol. allbelly,i dont think theres many dramas on here at all,the occasional heated debate but hardly ever any real nastyness.


rl- - January 26

hey shelly I turn 37 on July 18th so I got ya beat by a few days LOL glad I am not the only old lady on here LOL!!! ( : and I always say little drama is good for the soul ( : everyone here is mostly nice


kellens mom - January 26

I will be 36 on the 8th. My due date was the 4th of July. My brothers always kid me that they were going to name me after a firecracker.


Kathryn - January 26

My opinion is it's her child. I wouldn't do the same thing (or maybe I did and I just don't remember it) but I'm sure there is things that I've done and everyone else has done that someone else hasn't agreed with.


aurorabunny - January 26

I think I came up with a solution....check out my other post...I made a myspace for all of us mommies to post pictures on and anyone that we don't know from the boards won't be allowed to join or look at pictures!! I thought this sounded like a pretty safe idea...


ash2 - January 26

Well alleybelly, maybe i got the wrong impression of you because you are talking more like you make sense. If i came across hard on you or bashing you , i am sorry. Sometimes i get carried away in proving my point. Its just that i never really seen you post here before and i really thought you were a " troll " ( btw..that is someone who makes up fake usernames ) So i hope you can accept my apology and we can put all this behind us. BTW... i am 25 and YES i am starting to feel a little old because after 26 you are considered an " adult " , instead of " young adult " , lol ( sighs ) ..where has my life gone !!


San - January 26

After 26?? I thought it was after C___p! I'm 31 so that means I've been an "adult" for only 5 years : ) Hey, what am I saying c___p Just messing with you ash...sorry to say but you've been an adult for longer than you've wanted to admit. Haha! ;P


allbelly120206 - January 26

Well I didn't post in here until after my dd was born, before that I posted in 3rd trimester, labor questions, discomfort, and what to expect (seeing it had been 9 yrs since I birthed my ds). I had forgotten what being pregnant was like. Nope I'm not a troll, just don't post alot, thats all. Usually only when I find something interesting or really have a question to ask.( like when I was having ppd back in dec.) (thanks to e1 who helped w/ there comments on that 1)


lexa - January 26

Holy cow! This was the first the time I got done reading it....there were 10 ahead of it. Guess I'm slow! Well, no response really. I know people do what they want in regards to feeding their babies. I agree though that unless medically necessary I wouldn't do it. I have to due to medical reasons, but I wouldve waited for the go from the ped. My personal opinion. So we have stalkers now??? Just kidding. Single white female...that movie freaked me out!!! Yikes. Whiskey in a bottle? I needed some just to get through reading all of this! Oh well.......



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