Gave My Girl Cereal For The First Time Was Sooo Funny

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mama3 - June 10

Just had to share. I talk to my daughters pedi and he said it was ok to give my 1month old 2 little teaspoons of cereal in her night bottle. So last night I gave her some. She went nuts over it!!! I mean her arms and legs started moving like she was running a marathon. You couldn't even get the bottle from her. She was sucking so hard and her eyes looked like they were as big as quaters. My mom and I couldn't stop laughing. My other 2 girls could have cared less if they got cereal or not. After she ate it she desided to stay up for 3 hrs, instaed of sleeping good,lol. I guess the joke was on me, lol. She sleeps 6-7 hrs straight on her own already. An she wieghs just over 10 lbs. I call her my 'Hoss" Compared to her sisters. She is my "Hoss" LOL. I also call her Bright Eyes. She opens her eyes so big it is hullarious (sry for the spelling. How did your babies react to the taste of cerearl for the first time. I think she is going to be like her mommy and LOVE food. My toddler loves food too. I can't wait to see who can out eat who,lol. I know what a thing to look forward too, lol. But my oldest don't like to eat. She will do anything to get out of eating. An to see a healthy eater and how much she can put away. It just tickles me. My toddler put down 3 hotdogs one afternoon for lunch and some Mac'N'Cheese.. I couldn't believe it. After seeing my Hoss suck down 4 oz of formula and cereal I know she is going to give her sissy compet_tion, lol. Ok I know I rambled, but I know (atleats I don't think you all will) mind. Like most moms I think we all could go on for hrs about our babies-children.


Bonnie - June 10

Heh I am glad you enjoyed it. Mason made the most funny faces! He's a little piggy too and it just tickles me watching him love food. He had to have an Upper GI done and they fed him that nasty barium in a bottle....(the nurse was like, "Do you think he will eat??"ppppfffftttt) he cried when they took it away! I've always said if they made a sweaty-feet flavor he's be all over it!


JAI - June 10

Hey Ladies....Jordan is 7 months now and I have been feeding him cereal and solids for awhile now. I love watching his face whenever I give him a new flavour to try. He is so funny, he gives me the ummm not sure look....but then he loves it. So far he loves it all. Today my husband gave him beef for the 1st time, so I missed seeing his reaction. Hey Mama3 wait to you give it to her with a spoon, it is so much funny. Well this is your 3rd so you probably already know...LOL!


Rabbits07 - June 10

None of mine ever really cared for the taste of cereal the first time. They would do this shuddering thing like it was 40 degrees below zero!


mama3 - June 11

LOL ladys, My 1st didnt do much on the baby food. She went from bottle to a few jar foods to solids all in 1 month. Her pedi said to go with what she wants. She knows when she is ready. It made me said cause I went out and bought $120 worth and she didnt even put a dent in it. Now my 2 nd she would either love it or throw it up all over you. I called her my excersist baby. Cause when she got sick it went everywhere. She deff. didnt like banannas till she got alot older. LOL. I hear ya Bonnie-Jessica drank that stuff like there was no tomorrow. She too cried when they took it from her. I cryed though when she had the UGI. She was only 1 month old and they had to strap her down. An having to not feed her all night for that test I think was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Deniying my child food,AHHH!!!. I couldn't wait to get it over with and feed her. I was nursing her. So it also got painful in the chest area too, lol. I wanted to BF Hoss too, but she is on soy like her sissy ended up on. I don't think I could drink and eat soy,lol. An I know my Jessica(my toddler) wouldnt go for mommy being with the baby so much, lol. Somedays she trys to push me away from her, cause she wants me all to herself. I understand why, but its hard sometimes I just can't pick her up. I try to get her to play with her babies and do what I'm doing with her baby sister. Most of the time it works, lol. I feel like I'm feeing the baby all the time though, she drinks about 25-27ozs a day right now. She started out at 3oz at the hospital, lol. My mid-wife said well looks like another healthy eater, lol. I said " yeah another one to break my back, lol." I just hope she walks before 14 months. Jessica was 26lbs and that was alot to haul around, LOL. She took her first step and I took her to the park the next 3 nights and just let her go till she got the hang of walking. I was sooooooo happy!!!. Her sister was 10 months old. Nothing was stopping her from getting into life. I think it is so funny though. I think sometimes Kelly trys to sit up in her punckin seat. I put her in it to feed her (so her sisters can help hold the bottle too) and she lifts her head and the top of her back. I swear if she wasnt buckled in half the time she would roll out. Its so amazing how early they start to work there muscles. She rolls from side to side when I lay her down for a changing. Sometimes I put her on the floor and sit beside and just watch her. My mom said I hover to much at times. But like I have heard some women say, They only are small for alittle while. I can't help but think about that someday they are all going to hopefully goto college and then they'll be gone, off to live a life of there own. I look forward to be a grandma though. Here's something that will make you laugh. My oldest told me she is NEVER having a baby. I asked her why she said "cause its to painful, I don't want to have one unless they nock me out." I think I laughed for about 5 mins. I told her you don't think about the pain when you get down to having the baby. She looked at me and said "yeah right, I don't think so, mom". I told her if it was soo painful do you think there would be so many children in this world? She just looked at me. I asked her how do you think mommy had you and your sisters? I am a big b___b and I had your sister awake with no meds. She told me that I was just Crazy, lol. She is going on 8 and just cracks me up. She has watched that show on TV a birthing Story. She has seen a natural birth and a section. When I was PG with her 1 sister she had alot of question and the stuff I felt ok with her knowing(the after the baby was in my belly part) I was able to let her see. She always thought that was cool. Course till I brought home Hoss, lol. Theres no-way she tells me. HAHAHA!!! She makes me laugh. An I love it, cause when I need to I jsut talk to her. Thank you ladys for chating with me. I love talking to other mothers. I'd love to hear some stories about your baby's\children too. Short or long. Children are the greatest thing God ever made. I think. An coffee, lol...



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