Gerber 2nd Foods Too Runny

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momma - September 14

I use a comination of gerber and delmonte baby foods (starting 2nd foods) but the gerber 2nd foods seem runnier that the first foods and the delmonte but they have different combineations of fruit and veggie mixes which my daughter seems to like as much as the delmonte combinations what but she doesnt seem to eat the gerber as well cuz its runnier what can i do to thicken it.


Michelle - September 14

I dont think you can do anything. I wouldn't mix the two...that would make a weird combo she might not like. My daughter never liked any of the baby foods. Always had to use real food and go from there.


Alisha - September 14

I read somewhere, I think on this site, that you can add a little rice cereal to it. Ive never tried it but it seems like it might work.


Brittany - September 14

I just mix up regular rice cereal then put the baby food on top of it. When I feed my son, I get a bit of the rice cereal then a bit of the baby food together on the spoon, he loves it. He gets two baby foods at once!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - September 14

I am not sure, my daughter is only 4 months, but our ped told us that 1st foods and 2nd foods are mostly the same, they just make 2nd food in a bigger container, she said its just marketing so I would think you could mix the two foods. I dont know we start baby food in about 3 weeks or so!


momma - September 15

im not mixing together I am just using both brands


jess - September 29

just a random side note, we tried earths best organic baby food with my daughter, and we have been REALLY pleased... babies r us sells it, along with some specialty grocery stores.


Cyndi - October 1

just mix in baby cereal as much or as little as you want until it gets how you want it, theres no point in giving a baby baby food without mixing in cereal because it wont fill them up, if you give your baby 2 jars at nigh one veg and one with a meat and veg mixed with a little cereal in each and about 4-6 ounces of milk I promise you anything that baby will sleep right through the night. After the baby eats give him/her a warm bath and gosh a full tummy with a warm bath works wonders. Most moms donnt fill up their baby's stomaches enough thats why they wake up at night for more milk. By the time your baby is 4 months there should be no reason the baby is waking up to have a bottle if you are feeding them right, Believe me I have already been through it. Baby food without cereal in it is just too watery it doesn't fill them up enough. Trust me put it in with a fruit for breakfast with a bottle, lunch 2 jars with cereal mixed both veg, dinner 2 jars one veg one with meat and veg with cereal mixed and a bottle, You will notice a huge difference in your baby, Please at least try it for one week I promise you will be happy, it made things so easy with me, my baby stayed full longer and complained WAY less. It gets them on a GREAT schedule for when they start eating our food. Good Luck



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