Gerber Bite Size Finger Foods Question

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JAI - June 25

I live in Canada and our stores do not have the Gerber Bite Size Finger Foods Fruit & Veggie Puffs, but my mom was in NY this weekend and brought me home a few containers of them for my ds to try. It says on the packaging "for babies learning to self-feed". My son is 8 months old, so I think he may like this and being interested in something different to try out. I was just wondering if any of you have tried these for your little ones and what your opinions are on them. Thanks!


Bonnie - June 25

I haven't tried threm yet. But Jai, do you have those feeder bags over there? I have heard such good things about them. :)


LisaB - June 25

Ds started them at 6 months, now at 7 months I won't turn my back on him when hes eating them as some times he'll gag a little but they also help with hand eye cordination


JAI - June 25

Bonnie what are the feeder bags? Never heard. Thanks for the tip LisaB.


Bonnie - June 25 have heard great things about them. Mason is too small I think still, but I can;t wait till he can try them. Babies R Us carries them. Don't know if you can get them in Canada or not.


JAI - June 25

LOL!!! Just got that the other day. Did not know what it was called. Tried it with some apple inside. Jordan was not sure, so gonna give it another shot tomorrow with plum. I will let you know how it goes.


Bonnie - June 25

Yeah, let me know! It's a pretty neat invention.


punkin01 - June 25

i tried the feeder bag with banana and i played hell cleaning it never used it again dont need that ha__sle


SonyaM - June 25

The feeder bags are great for most everything but bananas. For some reason you could clean that thing for days and not get the banana outl. Other fruits work better when ripe such as pears. I have tried the gerber fruit bites (well, mason has) and he loves them. Like LisaB said they can and do gag on them so be careful. We were at a restaurant Friday evening and gave a few of those with a few Cheerios to Mason. He started to gag on one and I guess since he had just eaten a jar of solids the gag reflex kicked in......on my goodnes!!!! He just threw up right at the table!!! It was so awful. Luckily I don't think anyone else notices. I had just asked the waitress for extra napkins so we just scooped it up and went about our dinner. But my husband and I totally lost our appet_te!!!


RB - June 26

hi JAI - i called gerber (i know, total dork), but they said they'll be in canada in july/aug.. anyhow, my ds has been eating them for the last month and loves them! he's learned to feed himself with them and has already developed his pincer grip (thumb and forefinger) so i highly recommend them! it's so cute when they do it themselves the first time too!


JAI - June 26

RB...don't worry your not the only dork I was just on their website trying to find any info on when we will be able to get them in Canada. I am sure my 4 containers will last me this! How old is your lo? Do you worry that he will put more than one in his mouth at a time? Also where in Canada are you?


TC - June 26

My son is almost 10 months and he loves them! Actually I do too. LOL When I first started giving them to him, he will gag on them. That was because he wasn't used to chewing...once he remembered that he had to chew they weren't a problem. Oh and it might take some time for your little ones to get the hang of it. Now the baby feeders....I actually found out (after I did it) that the makers of it don't reccommend putting bananas in it. Well in retrospect...I don't really think that the mesh feeders are the greatest because they don't really use them for long. I hope that all made sense....I'm tired and taking a break from cleaning. haha


TinaMarie - June 26

Hi! Angelina eats these all the time and loves them. (she is 7M) I have never had a problem with them, these seem to dissolve pretty easily.


babyO - June 26

My son is 6 months old and he loves the veggie puffs! And I have been using the feeder bag for about a month now and we both love it. I have puts pear, nectarine ,watermelon, apple etc in there and yes it does make a mess but it helps us so much. I usually feed my son a little bit and then while my husband and I eat dinner etc I give him the veggies, fruit in the feeder bag...he actually gets mad when i take it away and gets excited when it sees it. I bought mine at Meijer but have them at Target too....think its the greatest invention ever!!


RB - June 26

my son is 8 months and we're in BC, just outside vancouver - where are you? oh, i have caught him with like four in his mouth cuz he's a little piggy, so i just rake em out and watch him - he hasn't once choked on them tho so i guess he caught on quick with the puffs...oh, btw, what are feeder bags?


YC - June 26

We just started them with our 6 month old after getting the ok from her ped. She likes them. They dont dissolve as quickly as I thought they would so we give them one at a time.


babyO - June 26

Bonnie posted the website for the feeder bags above...I just saw them at the store but wish I knew who original inventor was..rather give them my money then a coporation ;o But the one I bought does have a lid (similar to the playtex bottles) and the handle has liquid in there so you can freeze



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