Gerber Or Beech Nut

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big118girl - February 9

Hello! Does anyone know what brand of baby food is more nutritional for baby. I have heard that Gerber has more sugar and preservatives, but when I went to the store today and read the label, Beech Nut said it had more sugar. Can anyone tell me what kind of baby food is the best? Thanks


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - February 9

This is my opinion, if you want to know exactly what is in your baby food, just try making it. (it actually costs less and doesnt take that much time) I would start with something easy, like sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes or something. You can google baby food recipes. I honestly am not sure which is better though between the two, I use gerber when I am not able to make my own.


Elizabeth - February 10

I prefer gerber myself. After comparing labels and realizing that they are all comparable to each other in different ways I decided to taste test. Gerber is hands down the best tasting food out there. Earths best tastes like saw dust and beechnut doesn't seem to have a taste at all. I wanted my son to explore a wide variety of tastes and textures and thats exactly what I got with gerber.


momma - February 10

I use a combination of delmonte, gerber and homemade my dd seems to like homemade the best Stephanie is right it is easy to make if the gerber label says less sugar than thats probly what it is but as far as the jars go (size 2 and 3) I like having the option of multiple brands both delmonte and gerber have different combonations in the mixed fruit and mixed veggis so she can get a little more varity that way hands doewn homemade is the best though


Erin - February 11

I use the BeechNut and homemade. I find that my daughter likes the Beech nut better, and she has not had a bad reaction to any of it. Like Stephanie said, I looked up homemade recepies on the internet, and founds lots! She seems to enjoy the homemade too. Good luck!



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