Gerber Sweet Potatoes Stage 1

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Liz - October 9

Has anyone tried the gerber sweet potatoes, stage 1? I bought it for the first time and was about to feed it to my baby when I noticed some dark specs in it (looked like pepper almost) since I had used the beech-nut sweet potatoes before that didn't have anything thing like this, I didn't feed it to my baby. I called Gerber and asked about it but they didn't know if it was part of the vegetable or what. Does anyone know? Has anyone tried the sweet potatoes and noticed this too?


Narcissus - October 9

I use Earth's Best baby food and the stage 1 sweet potatoes did not have specks. It is slightly more expensive than Gerber but not much. When I get my act together, I plan to make baby food:)


Liz - October 9

I haven't tried Earth's Best but beech-nut which is a little cheaper than Gerber did not have it either. I'm surprised because I thought Gerber is supposed to be very good??


Narcissus - October 9

I plan to buy a sweet potato today and I will make it for Aja. I will let you know if I see anything that could cause the specks. I also heard good things about Gerber baby food.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 9

Our doctor told us just to buy stage 2 foods, she said they are prepared the same way but stage 2 has more in it so it will last about 1 extra day. Anyway, with the sweet potatoes I noticed the black specks but only on the food that was stuck to the lid. I didnt see any in the food itself. I do not shake the baby food, I just poor it all in a small bowl and keep that in my fridge. Maybe its sometheing from the lid! Good luck


thought - October 10

Maybe you could buy sweet potatoes and make it fresh. It's so easy to do and so much better for baby. You could make a lot and freeze them in ice cube trays to pop out in the future real quick. I'm not judging ... I just wanted to say how easy it is to prepare baby food in bulk and freeze it.


Jadyns Mommy - October 10

Jadyn just had stage 1 gerber sweet potatoes last week and there were no specs in it. In fact, it looks exactly like the squash and I almost confused the 2. I would toss that out right away.


Narcissus - October 10

I bought an organic sweet potato and will make it soon:) It should make several jars worth but cost the price of 2 jars.


Liz - October 11

Thanks all for the tips. By the way, I did throw it out. :)


momma - October 13

I made potatos today (white potatos) I boild 3 small potatos and pureed them it made four sections in an ice cube tray, i think i will try a frit next it was soooooo easy to make btw you dont really need recipies to make baby food just fruit, vegtables, and eventually meat cook (boil) it with out any spices or sugar and puree it (when they are ready to chew you can mash it with a fork) you mightr need to add water to thin it down though


momma - October 14

the potaoes were great my daughter loved them, and once again they were sooooooo easy. toys r us has this 10$ manually operated food grinder for making baby food but ill stick to the blender


Narcissus - October 14

I still have not made the potato... I hope it does not go bad like everything else I buy.


Liz - October 14

Momma: Thank you so much for the directions on making baby food :) I wanted to ask about that but I thought people might think I don't know anything. I will try that!



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