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nrsegurl - June 13

My baby has reflux and it is so bad he cannot sleep in his crib...although we have elevated the head...and we have had to switch him to a bottle because he gets so fussy, even cries, when he br___tfeeds. I have even tried sitting him up while he feeds and it does not help. He is 5 1/2 weeks old and is on Zantac. The pediatrician says he is too young for Prevacid just yet because the Zantac is not helping a works for a while then his reflux is back. He has had to sleep in his glider practically since he has been home. Does anyone have any other suggestions about how to help him? Moms always seem to have practical solutions...Thanks.


Rachael mommy2lucas - June 13

Hi there! My son was put on zantac at 5 weeks as well. He is almost 10 mos and outgrowing the reflux. Keeping him upright to eat and sleep is correct. Leave him sleep wherever he is comfortable and elevated. My gastroenterologist did a barium swallow at that time to rule out any other issues other than GERD. Small frequent meals are better for baby as well as I was told to put rice cereal in his bottles, 2tsp to each 2oz as well. I am weaning him from the prevacid that he has taken since 6 mos old and the cereal now. It does take awhile, about 2 weeks to see the full res___t of the reflux meds. It is so hard to see your baby suffer, I know. Make sure to keep the head elevated at all times, even when changing diapers. I had a colicky baby with allergies to dairy and soy along with the reflux, so I had to put him on alimentum formula as well. But I went with the DR Browns bottles since they are excellent for keeping gas out of babies belly in general. They are a pain to clean, but worth it for the comfort of my son. Reflux peaks at 3-4 mos and steadily gets better. My son still spits up very occasionally but no longer has silent painful reflux. Your little one will outgrow it too, but it is a long battle. I wish you lots of luck. Unfortunatley it is very common in infants, and seems to affect boys more frequently than girls!


Bonnie - June 13

I feel your pain! :)...Mason was started on prevacid at 9 weeks. Peds are a lot mroe hesitant to give it but I am glad to hears yours is willing to. Did he say when he would give it? If he is going to wait too long I would ask for a GI referral as they are mroe aggressive about things. Rachael said a lot so I would just add a few things...........when it comes to bottles, all babies are different. I would suggest buy one of each major brand and test them out. test out different nipple sizes and materials as well. Mason was on Dr.B's for months before someone had us try the Playtex Nursers with the Natural Latch LATEX nipples and lo and behold it made a HUGE difference. But some do better on Dr.B's. I would try them out before you commit to one bottle. If he sleeps well n his glider then don't mess with that until he is out of reflux pain. Take whatever you can get! :) If you do put him in an elevated crib you can search up Sae-T-Sleeps and Tucker Slings. Rreflux pain is a horrid, horrid thing to deal with and it is heartbreaking watching your LO in pain and not being able to do one stinkin thing about it. Like Rachael said, it will get better. But waiting is so darned frustrating. Check out It's a great site and the forums are filled with mom's who have delt with it (I am Mirra over there). Hang in there!!



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