Getting Baby To Sleep

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meagan1227 - May 16

every night my son who is 4 months has to have a bottle and has to be rocked to go to sleep. i've tried a pacifer and he wont take it, i have put him in the crib after he has drank his bottle to let him sleep on his own, but he'll just lay there and cry. any of you have this problem? any suggestions?


brmi0202 - May 17

I had this problem also around 4 months. When we went to the dr for his 4 month shots, the dr told us that we should try to no longer rock him to sleep and then put him in his crib asleep. This was the hardest on us, not him! So the next few nights we just gave him his bottle as usual, and then put him in his crib. It took him a while to figure out he was ok, and he cried/whined for probably 15-20 min and then was asleep. I think one thing that helped us alot and helped him transition to falling alseep IN his crib, was putting him in there for his naps. I am a stay at home mom though, so this might not be possible in your case. But he used to take naps in his swing, and then we started to put him in his crib and that helped him realize that his crib was for sleeping. So you could try that!


Shea - May 17

My son is 4 months and we put him in his swing every night after his bath and bottle, and usually he falls asleep in 30 min or less. We then take him and put him in his crib already alseep. This started out by accident, but works so well we just kept doing it. If he wakes up when I put him down, I turn on his "flutterbye" that plays music, has birds fluttering around and projects onto the ceiling, and that usually helps him drift back off to sleep. Our Dr. pretty much said do whatever works at this age.


rl - May 17

well to be honest sometimes you have to just let them cry it out...that is what I do cause I noticed when I rocked him to sleep and went to lay him down he would wake up and cry soooo I now feed him make sure he is dry and all is good and lay him down he crys for about maybe 5 to 10 mins and is asleep I do have a 15min limit on his crying if he is not asleep in 15mins I check him to make sure everything is ok and the few times he has cryed more than 15mins it was cause he had a burp or something minor like that but mostly he goes right off to sleep with no problem...good luck


Mel_C - May 17

Hi Meagan. My son is three months old and is exactly the same. Won't take a pacifier and wants to be rocked (well, actually "jiggled" and walked around) to sleep for every nap. I don't mind now, but I really don't want to still be doing it when he's two years old - I don't think my back will be able to take it! Maybe you could try putting your wee man down drowsy but not completely asleep, so he gets used to falling asleep on his own? Establishing nighttime routines might also help, like every night at a certain time he has a bath, then a story and his bottle, and then it's bedtime (or something to that effect!) I've had some limited success with my son doing these two things. Another alternative, if you are able to cope with it, is the CIO or cry it out method. I know lots of people have had success with it, but personally I find it too hard and stressful, although I may try it when he's a bit older. I guess the key is consistency, whichever way you want to do it.


Mel_C - May 17

I forgot to say, I also have dim lighting only towards the end of our night time routines, and no loud noises or exciting playing. I think it helps him get used to the idea that it's time for bed, and he nods off a bit easier. I never used to do this, and once I started I found putting him down a lot easier.


Rabbits07 - May 17

I'm not a 'routine' person as far as the whole day goes...don't have anything against routines just never have done it. I do, however, find that routines are helpful when it comes to sleeping. My 3 year old knows that his naptime routine is lunch, close the blinds, put on cd and go to sleep. It's actually funny because when I was pregnant I got in the habit of going out early in the morning to do any errands that I needed to do-our last stop was always Food City to pick up whatever I needed for dinner. It just so happened that by the time we would get home it would be time to start his nap routine. Coming home from Food City and starting nap became so consistent that even now whenever we go to Food City on the way home he always asks if it is his naptime.LOL. Anyways, I've never been able to do CIO. If you can't either my point was suppose to be as someone else suggested try to find a comforting routine to follow and stick to it. Sorry, I tend to babble on....


pbj - May 17

My dd is 6 months old and I've just started to try to get her to sleep on her own. I have had her on a regular schedule since she was about 3 or 4 months old, and believe me, sleep time needs to be regimented. It's hard to let them CIO, but if you do it coupled with paitience and an open mind, it works. I am following my peds recommendations on CIO and it seems to be working. I soothe and calm her before it's time to go to sleep, I hold her, give kisses and pat her bottom. (she's never cared for being rocked, but if you prefer you can) I place her in her crib just before she falls asleep, this is so the last thing she sees is the crib, not me. I allow her to fuss and whine, but not scream, if she does I start over. I check her every 5-15 minutes and give her a soft encouragement (you're ok, mama's here), then I leave the room. I do not pick her up, however, my ped suggests while they are learning how to put themselves back to sleep, to never allow them to cry out in the middle of the night; pick them up and soothe them back to sleep as to not interupt their sleep as well as yours. We've been doing it about a week, and so far it has worked well. It just takes consistancy, it's hard at first, but it seems to be working.


jessb - May 17

Yes!! I have this same problem. DD is 3 1/2 months old. Just recently I feed her and hold her and she usually falls asleep around 10pm. Then I put her down. If she wakes up I dont pick her up again. I keep giving her a pacifier (which she rarely takes) or I hold the bottle in her mouth for a few minutes until she falls back to sleep. I turn on her little aquarium thing in her crib, it lights up and plays music. I just keep doing that and going in there and turning it on and giving her a pacifer/bottle until she finally stays asleep. It is a loooong process. I have only been doing it for about a week, but hopefully she is realizing that I wont pick her up and rock her anymore, once she is laid down that is it. I tried cry it out method but she screams hysterically for 20+ minutes and I just cant do it.


pbj - May 18

jessb, I tried to do it a few months ago and all my dd would do is scream. I decided to give up then and continue putting her to sleep. I have now returned to it since she just turned 6 months and I've found it to be much easier and she seems to be doing better with it. I had a really hard time allowing her to scream. I would say if you can't totally commit to it now, maybe wait another month or so when your LO is a bit older. Believe me there's a huge difference in my dd from just a month ago.



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