Getting Circumcised

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Angelina - August 11

In 2 months i will be giving birth to a baby boy and as excited as i am to finally see him im also scared.I want to have him circ_mcised because ive heard being uncirc_mcised, you have more of a chance of catching something because you dont clean yourself right.But ive also heard about how it hurts and how my baby wil scream and i dont think i can handle it.I cry when i have to help my daughter get her shots and i barely am able to do that so i was wondering if i could have someone else in the room to help while i wait outside or something?


N - August 11

My husband is the one who went in with our son.


S - August 11

Have you researched this at all? There's a site ( that gives a lot of horror stories regarding the practice. It's an anit-circ site so you'll get the worst of the worst there. I'm not sure if this is an anit-circ site but it also paints an awful picture and also states that, based on their research and experience, it's not recommended. I can't imagine putting an infant through something like that... If you can't handle your daughters shots then you can't handle this for sure! And if you can't stand to even watch it being done, imagine what your little boy will be going through. it's described as the "most painful procedure neonatal performed". Did you know that the US is the only country left that routinely circ_mcises for no medical or religious reasons? Every other country in the free world has figured it out, why not the the US? Many countries are trying to have it banned outright as it const_tutes a__sault on a minor. As you may have noticed, I'm very much against circ_mcision but if you've made up your mind at least be there for your little boy when he needs his mommy the most.


dani - August 12

I have 3 boys, all were circ'd we never went in with them. It only took a couple minutes. None of them ever had any problems.


Liz - August 12

When I had my baby boy the circ_msicion was done in the hospital. they took him for a few minutes and that was it. I was very worried about it and upset even though I did not see it (I have seen the procedure done though-you probably don't want to be there-I'm also the same way with the "shots" issue) By the time they brought him back he seemed fine, wasn't crying or anything and I never had any problems with it.


Crystal - August 12

My son was not able to have a circ_mcision while at the hospital because he was early. We are scheduled to go in next Thursday for the doctor to do it in her office. My doc told me that it is a very simple procedure and it is done quickly. My nephew was circ_mcised after he was born three years ago and the doctor gave him a sucker to suck on during the procedure. He didn't cry during or after the procedure or have any problems.


krista - August 12

i have 2 boy who both had it done my first is was in the room with him and it was very ummmm disturbing, i almost fainted at the sight, but all is ok now and every thing is fine


Jenn... - August 13

My baby boy is circ_msized. I had my husband go in the room with him. Blake cried because he had to be strapped down, they gave a local anesthetic so that he could not feel the procedure. By the time they brought him to me he was not it any pain and no longer crying. However the first time he peed it hurt and he cried for a few minutes. The after care was not as bad as I thought it would be and it was fully healed within a week.


Angelina - August 13

Well i havent made my mind up completely.I want him circ_msised because i heard about how easy it is to pa__s on bacteria if he isnt done but i dont want to do it because im scared he might get hurt or something.I plan on asking what kind of meds they can give him so he wont feel it and the consequences and stuff are.I just want the best for him.:)


kellie - August 14

It's a tough one, my husband is all for circ_mcision and says that he is glad that it was done to him. But I just feel so horrible handing over my little boy for all of that unnecessary pain. Then again, my friend didn't have her little boy circ_mcised when he was born and he has had a real problem with him getting constant infections, he doctor has said that if he gets another one he will have to be circ_mcised or risk losing part of his p___s. I can't imagine what that procedure would feel like at 4 years old!


kEEKEE - August 14

Both of my sons are circ_mcised. I wasn't there when the procedure was done. Your child will be given something for pain. When both of my boys came home after the circ_mcision was done. they didn't cry or act like they were in pain. I did my share of research. After taking to my son's doctor. I decided having my sons circ_mcised was the best decision for my family. You need to make the best decision for your family. I had no problems with having my boys circ_mcised. Talk to your doctor. He or she should help you make your final decision. Take care and good luck!!


C - August 14

My son was circ_mcised and I didn't have to be in the room. My doctor took him the morning we were leaving and did it in the nursery, I think. Anyway, my baby left a happy little guy and came back crying/angry. Everytime he'd pee or I'd change his diaper he'd scream. Not sure if I'd do it again if my husband didn't want him to. My doctor told me there are about the same amount of risks either way. It is very sad for the first week, at least it was for me, but then everything is back to normal.


Angelina - August 14

Thanks everyone for your advice.I hope i make the right choice :)


Don't do it - August 14

Hi Angelina, Circ_mcision is definitely a mutilation of the p___s. There is no "good" reason to have it done in this day and age, unless of course you want to do it for religious reasons. Really look into and you will find that the US is one of the few civilized countries that still use this archaic and rediculous practice. Why cut off perfectly normal and healthy skin of a s_xual organ? So stupid. Take it from a guy who is fully functional. Do not ruin your son's p___s. There is no going back. No sewing it back on. If he wants to do it whne he is older, then thats his choice. Don't make a life/physically alterering descicion for him. Last words: If you are relatively clean... your son will be relatively clean... if so, then there should be no problems with his p___s staying clean. Just a little soap and water is all he will ever need. Easier and faster than brushing his teeth. I gurantee it.


Lisa*9 - August 14

If you fo decide to circ_msizehere is a suggestion,call your localJewish synagoge(sp)to see if they can refer you to someone who does it . That is whatI did. If you want to wmail me you may [email protected]



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