Getting Dh More Involved

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[][][][][] - October 26

when my daughter was first born dh was great, but latly it seems like he doesnt do as much with her he rarely feeds her or changes her anymore and he only seems to pick the noisy toys to play with she loves the noisy toys so that doesnt bother me too much but how can i get him to do more of the other stuff? he says that she wont eat solids for him (she will) or i had a poopy diper last time so its your turn (that was 2 days ago)


Kerry - October 27

My husband was good at the begining to then seemed to back off but now our 7 month old girl is saying Da Da so he's thrilled and can't seem to leave her alone I still do the majority of feeding and changing but when I go back to work he'll have no choice. I think now that she's begining to be more fun and independent he's more comfortable with her. Good luck and try not to worry it will happen.


Jbear - October 30

My husband did that with our first daughter. We were working opposites, and when it was his turn to watch her he wouldn't feed her solids except yogurt and if I was home, he wouldn't change a poopy diaper. He also refused to ever give baths or cut her fingernails. If he had to get her dressed, her clothes didn't match. I never found a solution for it. When I was pregnant with our second, any time I asked about baby stuff, he'd say "that's your project." I'm not working anymore, and I do all of the baby care, housework and cooking, which he thinks is fair. Sometimes I wish he would play with our three year old or even hold the baby. I think a lot of dads think they're being a good dad just by sticking around and bringing home a paycheck, but there's more to it than that.


Jamie - October 30

i wish my husband would get more involved, too. Last night, the baby didn't go to sleep until midnight - I was the one up with her; then she woke up at 4 am - I was the one who stayed up wtih her. She woke up for the day at 7 am - he got up and went to play on the computer. So, at 8, I gave her to him, so that I could maybe catch another hour or so of sleep. 30 minutes later, I finally gave up, because she had cried the WHOLE time and he just left her in her swing, crying. Of cours,e she was only crying cause she was bored and wanted him to play with her, but I'm the one who got shortchanged sleep.


Liana - October 31

thats men! In the beginning they are all gaga- gugu over their babies and then it fades and they stand back and watch you do all the work, they think money is all they need to contribute to be a good father...



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