Getting Ears Pierced

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HollyMay - February 24

Hi All, So i was wondering when do you think the best time is to get a little girls ears pierced? I was thinking about getting my dd ears done, she is a little over 4 months old right now. Do you think i waited too long. Also did you have the doctor do it? does the doctor even do something like that? I was just curious when and how other people have done this? Please no bashing


gabby509 - February 24

I have a son, so I'm not positive about all this but my best friend has a 4 month old little girl and she will be getting her ears peirced at the doctors office this visit. I know that getting it done at the doctors is alot more sanitary and they use a needle instead of one of those guns. Good Luck!


meg - February 24

I'm definitely not bashing, so please don't take this the wrong way...I'm just curious. I know it looks very cute when little girls have their ears peirced, but is that the only reason why parents do it at such a young age...because it looks cute? I also have a dd & I always thought it would be something "special" for her to do when she gets a older...that way she can choose when/if she wants to have it done. Like I said, I am not bashing, just curious...maybe I'm missing a good reason as to why it should be done when she is an infant! :-) good luck.


Sprinkles - February 24

Hollymay I had my daughters ears pierced around 4 months maybe even a little before .. I got it done in a jewelry store I don't even think her doctor offers that to be done there. Good luck!


Whitney - February 24

No I don't think you waited too long, my daughter is 7 months & I have an appointment to get her ears pierced next week! My Dr. also doesn't do that in his office, so I'm taking her a local hair salon that does piercings as well, they have 2 people that work there only do babies & some of my friends have taken their babies to the same salon to get them done & said all went fine. I was 3 months old when I got mine done, & my sister was 6 months. I think little baby girls with tiny little earings are just adorable.


amanda17 - February 24

Meg, I'm also waiting until my daughter is quite a bit older to get her ears pierced. I don't want to do it until she's old enough to say "Mom I want my ears pierced" and responsible enough to keep them clean every day. I also think it'll be a nice bonding experience for us. The crazy thing is, I get bashed for not wanting to get her ears pierced as a baby! My family is giving me such a hard time about it! The reason people get their daughters ears pierced so early is number one because they are cute, and 'expected' in this day and age (I didn't get my ears pierced until I turned 18 though.) and it is easier to make sure they don't get infected. I understand why someone would want to, I'd just rather wait. I don't know why it's upsetting my family so much haha.


Whitney - February 24

Oh & to answer Meg's comment - it easier to get them done when they are babies because they can'y pull & tug at their ears yet. A friend of mine took her daughter when she was 6 & she got freaked right out. She wanted them done really badly but just screamed & cried as soon as she saw the gun, & then afterwards she kept touching them & playing with them as they were healing but she didn't wash her hands so they got infected. The mom said she thinks it was quite traumatic & tilds me she wished she did it earlier. From what I've heard from all my friends who brought their babies in to get it done, is that the baby cries for 2 mins & then has no idea what happened & then all is fine.


jenna32 - February 24

i choose to wait until my dd is old enough to decide for herself. But most girls do end up getting it done so i can see why you would. when she is older though she will know whats going on and you can see her excitement and everything,they'll remember how it feels (if they ever close up n they want them done again).It's only a quick pinch really ,i'm not too worried.


HollyMay - February 24

Hey Ladies, thanks for all your feedback. I'm still undecided wether or not to do it now, or wait till she is older. Meg to answer your question, i do think it is adorable in babies, but my main concern about waiting is that if she gets older she may be to scared to get it done, but still want them pierced so badly, and her wish i had done it when she was a baby. I think i will call my doctor and talk it over with her, cause i would love to have them done.. but what Whitney said really made sense about the ear tugging, i would hate for her ears to get infected, i would feel really guilty. But thanks to everyone who responded, you all were very helpful!!


Sprinkles - February 25

HollyMay I agree with whitney on them playing with it - when I got violet's done she was over it like a minute later and they healed nicely cause she didn't play with them at all. Also wanted to comment on what you said .. I had a friend growing up that always stuck out in my mind when it came to this - her mom didn't do hers and she wanted them done but was too afraid of it and she said to me how she wished her mom did it when she was a baby so she would have had it already haha and we were pretty young I dont know if she ever got them done but it's true what you say about sometimes then they are afraid to get it done ... I never met anyone who grew up and wished their mom didn't get it done but I have met plenty of girls who didn't have them and wished they had ..talking to your doc is a great idea they know whats best as far as age wise and all - I know the one doctor I seen after I had my dd's ears done apparently didn't like the idea but I guess to each's own.


red87 - February 26

This topic is really contravercial. I posted on this topic when my daughter was 4 months old as well. i was really nervous to get my gil's ears pierced. I thought about it for quite a while. I ended up getting it done because I believe that it's better to get them done early. It's almost garunteed that your daughter will get them done anyway so why not do it now - when she sont remember it. I was scared of infections as well but as long as you follow the cleaning instructions she will be fine. My daughter cried for about 30 seconds, of course that made me sad but it hurt her less than her shots. And they haven't bothered her since - she is now 7.5 months old. I just cleaned her piercings as soon as she woke up in the morning and again at bathtime every night. I think I did that for about 4 weeks and now I just clean them once a week - don't really need to clean them longer than 4 weeks but I like to make sure they are clean :) So I would say go ahead and get them done if you are thinking about it. My friend got her 18 month old done and hers got infected because she was touching them all the time. At 4 months shes not really touching her ears a whole lot so they should be perfectly fine. The sooner, the better IMO.


JNFR614 - February 28

Hi ladies. Just a few lil bits of info I have been told about ear piercing I figured I'd share with you all. Piercing can be done any time after a baby gets their series of 2 month old shots. The jewelry store told me the reason is that doing it before hand can cause lock jaw. I had my dd's done the week after she got her shots. The healing process is much smoother the earlier you get them done, there is less of a chance of them getting infected, closing later on & keloids forming. It is also advised to not get a stud with a stone that is too small, b/c the skin can grow over it & heal around it causing major problems. I also agree with getting them done earlier, babies will not tug on them b/c they don't even realize they are there. Hope this helps you all, but what it comes down to is person preference.



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