Getting Her To Sleep At Night

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Rainbowbrite - July 29

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get the little ones to sleep through the night? i was fine and able to do it for a while but now it is starting to wear on me a little bit... She is 4-almost 5 months old. She will sleep from 930-midnight-1Am then she will eat every hour and a half to two hours after that. She during the day only eats 3oz at a time and now her pediatrician has her on baby foods/cereal since 4 months old... but i can't seem to get her to sleep for longer periods of time. So i am just looking for any suggestions! Thank you


krissy2006 - July 30

Hey Krissy - The thing I have found that helps Samantha sleep through the night is this - I make sure I keep her super active during the day. Only one long nap (1-3 hours) otherwise I keep her awake. Then at night before I want her to go down for good I make her a bottle and make it warm... not room temp, but warm... it seems to soothe her better. I then make sure she doesn't sleep until she finishes the bottle (usually about 3-4 oz) So on a warm/full belly she sleeps basically through the night waking only once between 3-4am for a bit more formula and then back to sleep till about 8-ish.. :)


DDT - July 30

Make sure she has a bath routine before bedtime. This will clue in into the fact that its night time and different from day time naps. It sounds as if she is not getting enough during the day and making up for it at night. How often does she eat during the day? I would try either adding 10z extra to all her bottles, but if she won't drink it then start feeding her more often (like every 3hrs instead of 4hrs). Also I highly suggest doing a dream feed which should see her through 6 hrs of sleep. Put her down for the night between 7-8pm and then give her a dream feed between 10-11pm. She will probably drink way more than normal (maybe 1-2oz more) because of her sleepy state. Once she has gotten her dream feed she should be good until 3-4am....maybe even 7am.


DDT - July 30

sorry that is "1oz extra" not 10oz!


Rainbowbrite - July 31

Hey ladies thank you for the suggestions! She does know however when it is night time because i will wrap her up snug in her blanket and turn out the light and she usually drinks her bottle and goes to sleep... but i think part of the problem is she won't drink more than 2-3 oz at a time. i feed her when she is hungry and that is all she will eat... during the day and during the night.. She only wakes to eat during the night but she don't eat enough to keep her full for longer periods of time.... and i'm thinking that is because she only drinks the 2-3 oz at a time.


sarah21 - July 31

Same thing happening here Kristin. It is getting old. I've tried the routine thing, I've tried limiting her naps, I've tried it all. And it's not because she's hungry either. I b___stfeed but I am guessing she eats 6-8 ounces at a time during the day because that's what I'm able to pump, and she doesn't really eat that much at night, she more eats to soothe herself. So I dunno. I am hoping it's something she outgrows.



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