Getting Him To Sleep Later

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Renea - January 30

Connley is now 10 months old, still not sleeping through the night. He is on table food and br___tfed. He gets up at 3:30am to nurse, which is ok, but then he wants to get up for the day at 5:15am!!! I have tried putting him to bed later and also tried to cut out the later afternoon nap, but he just wont sleep past 5:30. Does anyone have any suggestions of what else to try. I can be a morning person, but just not that early in the morning!!


eclipse - January 30

Have you darkened the room by covering the windows? He also just might be an early riser naturally, sorry to say. My brother was like that, my mom could barely get him to 5am. He still is. Good luck!


Renea - January 30

Yeah the room is dark. He used to sleep until about6:30, almost 7, but for the last 2-3 weeks he has been up so early.


mayaB - January 30

My boy who is now 8 months old sleeps from 8 to 8. I put him down to sleep at 8 pm and I go pick him up in the morning when I wake up. He normally lightly wakes up a few times during the night (like my husband) most noticeably at about 2 or so and then at about 5. I've noticed the same sleep pattern w/ my husband and also with myself and infact my most vivid dreams are after 5 when I sleep more lightly. Same with my baby. In the beginning though he didnt know how to deal with it... So when he was about 4 months old and started crying at 5 I told him to go back to sleep and left him in the bed. after a whole lot of crying he went back to sleep and learned that he didnt have to necesarily wake up the whole way when woke up in the night, and that he just had to turn over, change position and close his eyes to go back to sleep. he now sleeps very well . Therefore my suggestion is to leave your baby in the bed and tell her that it isnt morning yet.


Danielle19 - January 30

my son lieks to get up at 5 am too but i do the same thing as mayab and he has now started rolling over to his stomach at 5 and then falling back to sleep until 7 or 730, but it did take alot of crying and fussing but he sleeps form 7 30 - 7 so it was worth it


jwhite - January 30

What if you just want them to do it on the weekends?? My dd wakes at 6:30 and that's fine with me cause that is when we wake up for work but I would like for her to sleep in later during the weekend.


Renea - January 30

I have tried the cio thing too---he has cried for over an hour, without giving in. Unfortunately, he also wakes up his older brother when I let him cio. He is just stubborn and screams (literally--I think he would have a sore throat with the sound he makes), but no matter how many times I lay him back down, he won't give in. It looks like I just may be stuck with an early riser =(



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