Getting Kids To Go To Sleep

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Sian1 - January 30

I have 2 daughters aged 2 and 3 1/2, the past week or so i have been having so much trouble getting them to go to sleep. I usually send them to bed at the same time ( they share a room) and usually leave their lamp on for them. Lastnight i put them to bed at 8:00pm and by 11:30pm i was still going in and out of their room putting them back into bed. I tried turning off their lamp but then they just cry, then if i turn it back on their back up playing. I also tried to seperate them by putting one in my room but that still didnt work, my 2yr old screamed non stop., I just dont know what to do. They didnt used to do this, now the only way for any of us to get some sleep is if i put them in my bed! I know this isnt infant related but their driving me CRAZY! Any advice on what i could do will be SO appreciated...thankyou. ( Oh yeah, ive tried putting my youngest to bed first but that didnt help either because she still doesnt go to sleep and then Tahlia (3y/o) is up til late.)


Meredith - January 30

I have not had much luck when there is more than one, besides going into the room and yelling at them every five minutes, which I hate doing. (Or sending dh in to threaten them with a spanking, which is not good either bc it hardly ever happens and they know that) Every other weekend I have a 6yr, 4yr, and a 2yr. old together in the same room, and it is the same buisiness. I can not wait until we move and everyone can be separated, bc we will have more rooms. I am anxious to hear any good ideas here as well.


Jbear - January 30

I usually tell my daughter that she won't be able to watch any movies the next day if she comes out of her room (except for trips to the bathroom) before it is light out. I don't leave a lamp on, but she has 2 little LED nightlights so she's not in total darkness. On days when she naps, it's harder to get her to fall asleep. Sometimes I keep her up the whole day, but she gets pretty unpleasant then.


Sian1 - January 30

Thank you both, i just really have got to the point where i dont know what to do. I was almost in tears by the end of the night. I tried threatening them with smacking, but that didnt work, so i did smack them and that still didnt work. I have found it hard to get mikaila (2y/o) to sleep when she naps too, so i keep her up all day.They are as good as gold during the day (most of the time) their horns just come out at night! haha


Jbear - January 30

Somehow my daughter always ends up needing a time-out right at bedtime. Spanking never works for her, she just laughs and says, "Ha ha, mommy...smack my a__s again!" (who on earth knows where she learned THAT). Last night she came out of her room six times, and she was howling the whole time, because she wanted me to stay awake until she fell asleep. So tonight she's going to bed before I get tired :-)


CEM - January 31

I sympathize with you, Sian 1... We have battled with this problem a little bit in the past. What I found helped with my boys (3 and 5 years old now), was to keep a strict schedule so they know EXACTLY what is going to happen before bedtime. I also stopped giving my boys regular naps during the day unless they are extremely tired. Actually, my 5 year old stopped on his own when he was 2 and my 3 year old, who still likes a nap, doesn't really get one because then he's really hard to put down for the night. You may have to put up with some crankiness for a while because they're tired, but then they should fall asleep right away. It's really alot easier that way. My boys are in bed and asleep by 7-7:30 at night, every night. I tuck them in, kiss them, and they're usually asleep within 3 minutes. Then I have some more time with the baby! They also have a lava lamp which relaxes them and some nice, soothing music. My 7 month old also goes down within 5 minutes and sleeps almost straight through. We have a rigid schedule and are consistent every night. Do this and I'm sure you'll see results. Good luck. : )


Sian1 - January 31

Thanks CEM, I will try doing a bedtime schedule/routine. I didnt do it before because they had always been good at going to bed, but now im desperate!lol I might also try the lava lamp, it will be a lot more comforting than a normal lamp. Thanks for the helpful advice - will see how they go the next couple of nights!


Barb - January 31

I agree with CEM...when mine were that age (and even now) they have an exact bedtime / routine and I'm convinced that helped...children need that stability and rely on it....good luck to you!


L...Hannah's Mom - January 31

A routine does seem to work best. My husband and I will take turns putting my 3 year old to bed....We'll head upstairs around 7ish...we do the bath, teeth, pj's, she gets to pick out a book or two. We also have a digital clock on her nightstand and she know once the time hits more talking AT ALL. We also keep a chair right next to her bed which my husband uses and I usually lie down right next to her until she nods off (I know that is frowned upon but it works like magic and it is slowly but surely teaching her to go to sleep on her own) Good luck Sian...I know how frustrating bedtime can be.


CEM - January 31

You're welcome, Sian1. I hope you can get your daughters sorted out soon so you can get some sleep too. 11:30pm is just way too late!


Sian - January 31

Thankyou 'L...Hannah's Mom', I find that if I lay down with them they will go to sleep to, but usually when I do that they either wake up when i get up, or my 15wk son is crying so i have to get up any way. Well lastnight was a lot better, they went to their dad's for the evening then soon as they got home I tucked them into bed. I only had to go in there twice , and that was for my 2yr old, 3yo was already asleep!


Christophers-DawnC - January 31

I agree with what the others say!!! Try it tonight and let us know how it goes GOOD :LUCK


sian - February 1

christophers-DawnC..... I will let you know how I go tonight. It is now 6:00pm so will be putting kids to bed in another 1-2 hrs. Fingers crossed - I could do with a decent nights sleep!



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