Getting My Baby To Sleep At Night

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KrisD - October 10

My baby is 5 weeks old. Up until 2 nights ago, he would fall asleep at night with out any problems (Of course, he was up for constant feedings, but would fall asleep initially no problem). For the past two nights, we can not get him to sleep at night... We even kept him up and active all day yesterday. It seems he wants to be held all night. He will fall asleep in our arms, but when we put him down - FORGET IT! I don't want to give in b/c I think he should learn to sleep away from us in his basinette... But this is torture. Saturday night he was up till 4 AM, Last night it was 2:45. What the heck happened?? He was doing so well. Is he too young to get spoiled? I think we may have spoiled him by holding him all day long... Anyone with experience that can lend advice??


Shelly - October 10

I've had the same problem with Jesse and sometimes still do.It's hard though.He is 9 weeks tomorrow.I agree you CAN spoil a baby this early.I don't give in;he falls asleep in my arms and the moment i put himin his crib he is wide awake,but i keep doing it until he gives in.If i am extremely tired i put him in his car seat,he sleeps great there and i know a lot of babies do.Also i like to put him in hisbounce chair,most of the time he falls a sleep and i move him in his bed.Good luck,oh.and sometimes they will go to sleep for a couple night in a row with no problems,you think "great this is a done deal and it starts all over again.Sorry,i thought i'll give you fair warning.


monica - October 10

KrisD dont keep him up at night whenever he gets sleepy put him to bed at that time. I agree with shelly he wants to be held all the time because he is use to it. I am sure I will get it for saying this but I dont believe in rocking them to sleep. I put my baby down to sleep awake. He has learned to put himself to sleep on his own. I say rock them to calm them down but dont make it a habbit to rock them to put them to sleep.



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