Getting Pregnant 6 Months Pp Too Soon

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eclectic66 - December 9

I know similiar questions like this have been posted, but I can't remember if any were this early. I have a 19 week old and bc I am going to be 37 later this month my dh and I feel like time isn't really on our side and we would like to have 1 more so we were thinking about getting prego again. Is this way too soon??? And yes, I am quite fertile so it will probably happen on the 1st try so I need to be sure. I figured that if I was to get pregnant in January then my children would be 15 months apart. Am I crazy for even considering this??? Do you think it is too soon at 23-24 weeks pp??? (That's an approximation of time if we were to get pregnant in January) Just curious?? I had a csection so would that be too soon for my uterus to tolerate another pregnancy this soon?? Thanks in advance for your input.


January - December 9

I had a natural birth and my dr told me that I need to give my uterus 9mo to heal.. I'm sure it would be the same if not longer since u had a c section.


jessne - December 9

I had a c-section and found myself pregnant 7 months later. I just had my second son on November 21 and everything was fine (16 months apart). So I think if you healed well, you will be fine after 6 months. Maybe talk to your doctor just to make sure.


excited2bemama - December 9

My good friend had a c-section and her don told her that she needed to wait AT least 9 months before she got pregnant again if she wanted to attempt a V-bac.


sahmof3 - December 9

I got pregnant when my 2nd child (dd) was 8 months old, so there are 17 months between my 2nd and 3rd. So, not quite 6 months, but close. I had already had TWO c-sections at that point (my first and second were 3 1/2 years apart). Everything went well! If your uterus had looked bad (too thin, something troublesome with the incision) your doc probably would have told you after the delivery. I'd still make an appointment with your OB and ask his/her advice based on your specific circ_mstances, though. Good luck!


mommybabyboy21 - December 9

If you were double st_tched after your c-section and your ab is completely healed it would be risky, and frankly I don't think any DR would tell you its ok to get pregnant....most dr tell women to wait a year between children period (weather v____al or c-section). But I know lots of women whose children or 15 months apart. Just know that you will have two in diapers and that you older one is still going to be a baby and NEED you as much as your new born. I would do it too if my situation let me...but it doesn't. but I always wanted my lo's close in age...maybe when my lo is a year old I could try again. :)


eclectic66 - December 10

Ty ladies. I suppose I will make an appt with my OB and get her take on if she thinks it's a good or bad idea. In an ideal situation I would like to wait at least a year, but I am just worried about not having that kind of time to wait due to my age. I guess a matter of 6 more months won't make or break


countrymom401 - December 10

my oldest sister had a baby 2 weeks after me. I am 29 and she is 43. Our babies are 9 months old this month. Her little one was just fine as well as her pregnancy. You are 37 that is 6 years younger then her. I think you will be fine waiting a couple more months. A friend of mine had 2 c secs and hers are 16 months apart and she was 34 when she had her 2nd. Everything went fine . I would talk to your doc.


tryin44 - December 10

My first two kids are 13.5 months apart. I did have mine v____ally but all was fine. My sister just had her second and they are 15 months apart. I have a friend that had hers 10 months apart. She found out she was pregnant at her six week check up. It was hard to a point but I loved having our boys 13 months apart. Our daughters are 23 months apart and I think it has been harder than the closer ones.



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