Getting Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night

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amyh - May 25

Question for all of you mom's out there who figured out how to get your babies to sleep though the night- my daughter is now 14 weeks old and has taken to waking up every few hours which is not fun. She eats every 4 hours or so, but in between she wants some attention. What did you do to get them to sleep through? And what age did it happen?


hello - May 25

Do you mean she was sleeping through but stopped? My daughter started sleeping through at 5 weeks ... maybe it was cause she was formula fed, they say it makes them fuller than b___st milk.. You just have to wait for that lucky night where day comes and u realise wow, they slept all night.... Some wake for a while, a friend of mine whose baby was born 3 days before mine woke for months, havent contacted her in ages so her baby will be one soon..... If she wakes, feed her, and make it clear its sleep time, dont play with her or talk to her even so she knows.... if she is still waking in a month talk to the dr as they may suggest pacifying her back to sleep cause some just wake for pure habit and arent hungry, good luck


Kris10 - May 25

My daughter likes routine, so whatever you do with her at night make it the same each night. For example, we first bath her, then change her into warm pjs, and then give her a warm bottle. When that is done, we swaddle her and she falls asleep. It took about a week of this routine until she was sleeping thru. Hope this helps you, it's frustrating not getting enough sleep!


Bonnie - May 25

There are a lot of different suggestions and book out there and getting babies to sleep through the night. Like Kris said, get into a routine (or as close to one as you can). I would recommend to read up on the different methods, choose one with your partner, and stick to it. I personally feel that any ofthem will work, but you need to be firm and consistent and stick to it, otherwise baby just gets confused. Personally, I did a form of CIO which worked super well. But it is ot for everyone. Every parent has their own style. Goodluck!


amyh - May 26

She has no problem getting to sleep or going to bed. It's just the middle of the night wakings. Last night she actually only got up once, so I am hoping we might be onto something! I have contemplated letting her cry it out at night or shutting her door, so we only hear her strong cries. We will see... thanks!


Sam - May 26

Amyh: I'm in the same boat. My DD was sleeping really well for awhile -- going to bed between 6-7 and sleeping until 6 or 7 waking up two or three times to eat. Manageable. She is 16 weeks now and is getting up CONSTANTLY. Not like getting up and wanting to play, but fussing and fighting sleep. (With me, also no problems getting her to bed--we have a great routine). So I'm feeding her twice during the night, but she is really getting up every hour, no matter how tight we swaddle her--sometimes she breaks free, sometimes she's tightly wrapped. I know that huge developmental changes go on between 3 and 4 months, so I'm kind of a__suming that's what it is, but it is really difficult. She's also TOTALLY fighting naps. Then she gets crazy overtired and screams herself to sleep (no matter what you do). This has happened twice in the last few days, and it never happened before. We were always able to calm her and get her to sleep. My poor hubby just called me at work awhile ago and told me she wouldn't stop crying and he knew she needed to sleep so he just rocked her and cried hiimself until she cried herself to sleep. I'm chalking it up to developmental and a growth spurt, but I'm still almost worried enough to call the pediatrician. I doubt they'd do anything, but maybe you could shed some light? Is this normal for an almost-4-month-old?


ca_pink - May 26

I recommend you read "Babywise" and "The Baby Whisperer". I have 2 month old that goes to bed easily and already sleeps 7-8 hours at night. Good luck!



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