Getting Your Period

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RB - May 22

hi - sorry this isn't about infant care but i am wondering when everyone got their periods after giving birth. i stopped br___tfeeding about one month ago but am still on the mini pill for birth control... i still haven't gotten my period - do you think it's that pill that doesn't give you a period? is this normal not to have it yet? thanks!


Shana B - May 23

I was wondering the same. I stopped bf about 1 month ago too but never started b/c and still haven't had a period. I'm getting a little concerned.


Emmakirsten - May 23

I have no idea, i started using the nuvaring last week, i'm still bf, who the heck knows when it'll come.


Angie in MI - May 23

I didn't bf, but I just started 1.5 weeks ago!!!!! That is 8 weeks postpardum and it has been a LONG heavy one!!! How long do they usually last. I so ready for this to be over!


krnj - May 23

hi, I got mine at 10 weeks pp. I had a csection and am not bf. The cramps weren't bad at all! I was surprised!


J.J. - May 23

RB-it's normal to take a little while to get back on track. It took about 2 months for my first pd to appear. And it's been sort of irregular tho i'm now on the pill.


ralhun - May 23

I am 15 weeks postpartum and still b___stfeeding but have had my first period. Which was soooo much easier than periods before the baby.


RB - May 23

thanksgirls - i really hope that when it does come that it's not one of those nightmare long and heavy ones i've read about - and now the waiting game...


Shannon - May 23

7 months post partum and no period yet! i'm still b___stfeeding, too, though


alicia - May 24

Angie- I got my period exactly 8 weeks postpartum as well and it lasted for almost 2 weeks...then i got it back for another week only a week later...however after that i got it back around 4 weeks from the second period and im hoping it stays more normal...the last one was only around for 3-4 days which was heaven sent. lol. I dont think it matters is you b___stfeed or not i think it comes when it wants to because i have been b___stfeeding since the day he was born just not as much now as iv started working.



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