Gift Ideas

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Ashley - December 12

I was wondering if anyone had some unique gift ideas for a girl first birthday. I am so clueless because I really don't want to get clothes or toys because she has SO much of it already. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Chelsey - December 12

My daughter's b-day is right after Christmas, so I find it a struggle every year to find a gift that she didn't already just get, or that has meaning! For her first b-day I believe I got her a Ride and Stride car/ push walker thingy, also a bunch of fun bath toys (and bath paints and such) and some books. Clothes, movies, Carebear (they have one's that talk now!), Blue's Clue's Talking Chair... just to name a few of the things she got. Is your daughter's birthday right away soon, Ashley?


Mommy - December 12

If you are willing to drop some money, like maybe $100, I would suggest starting a college fund or something. That way it will draw interest and be useful when she gets older. And you can tell her that was her first birthday gift from you, maybe go from 100 for 1st b-day to 50 next and 20 every year after that. I'm sure she will get many more gifts, right? If so you won't feel bad about not buying her much. Toys will break and clothes will get too small. An education she could use forever. Or if you don't like that idea much, why not invest in a nice wagon? It's useful, not kept in the house (usually), and you can use it for like 4 years if you get a good brand.


Chelsey - December 12

Some nice bedding and pillows? A pretty lamp for her room? If its snowy where you are, a nice sled or toboggan!


Ashley - December 12

Actually, its not even for my daughter, its for my bestfriends daughter who has everything! I actually like the sled or toboggan idea. Any other suggestions??? Thanks.


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - December 12

If it is for your baby I would do something nice like Mommy suggested, but for someone else I would go for something fun, either a bath set gift pack thing or something to play outside with.


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 12

My son was born in August, so we are going to get him a swing set for our backyard, with a baby swing for now, then he will have it to play on for years.



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