Gift Ideas 1st B Day

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tish212 - June 6

Ok i know this is similar to the post for fathers day, but thinking of one led to the other... my dd is 6 months and I know we have a ways to go but i would like to start buying things now so that christmas and her birthday dont strike us all at once financially,.... I want to know what gifts you have given that were a big hit with your LO's for their 1st b-day.... we were thinking about a Dora tent with the 6ft tunnel and a small ball pit but i'd like to know if any one else tried these or similar and were they a hit?? or what did your child REALLY love? Since we have her bday on the 18th and then christmas on the 25 i want to make sure i get her gifts she will like...that will keep her entertained.... Thanks Ladies!!


jendean00 - June 6

My DD birthday just pa__sed and we gave her the pink push around buggy by Step 2. We bought it at Toys R Us...she loves it. We like to stroll out side so this is perfect since I can push her. Also as something special someone suggested on another forum website that they give their little girl a pearl every year for her birthday so by the time she gets married that she will have enough for a necklace to wear on her wedding day.


tish212 - June 6

oh i love that pearl idea... where do you get those from, (since i have never bought one) that makes me realize i should buy her stuff that is sentimental as well i thought about one of those push arounds but didn't know if they really were a hit with kids... thats great though thanks for the idea. i will show that to dh!!


Zeke - June 6

I got pearls too when I was little. It was the one gift I knew I was getting from my godmother every year. She also sent a pearl necklace when I graduated though, so I haven't done anything with the pearls yet. Maybe I'll pa__s them down to my dd. My dd got the dora ball pit for her 1st birthday. She loved it, but so did the cat. We patched it a few times but it finally had to go. She still plays with the b___s though. She also got Lulu the letter spinning spider (leapfrog). It's a little plush toy that had a tummy you can press and it sings the alphabet letters. You can attach it to the crib or toddler bed. She really liked it. She just turned 2 and I still hear her playing with it at night (when she's supposed to be sleeping of course). DD also liked to stack blocks we got her the alphabet ones that are clear and have things inside of them. Like an elephant in the E block.


tish212 - June 7

Zeke- i never thought about that, the ball pit is inflatable, and we have 2 cats and years ago we had an air matress for our guest room and they destroyed that but the way she already LOVES to throw things i thought a ball pit would be great, maybe i can find one thats not inflatable (tbe its a hough that will be much more expensive) i do want to get her learning toys too, she likes this bear that leap pad has or maybe its a dog but it talks and makes noise and sings and everytime i show it to her at the store she stares at it and tries to touch it, and she doesn't really do that for any of the other toys... i really want to do that pearl idea.... for me my parents always got me jewlery with my birthstone and when i turned 18 i got a necklace and earring with my birthstone and diamonds...(however a few months later when i moved in with dh someone stole them during a party we had) but i like the pearl idea because at graduation here every girl wears white under her gown (since the girls gowns are white) and pearls would go PERFECTLY with it...then have her wear it during her wedding...2 very important days! thanks guys this is great!


starlight_94 - June 8

My ds fav toy was his wagon...he also got a ride on fire engine and car. He loves them. He also got pop out ooks with animals, as an educational thing and he really likes those. Lots of clothes and a baby leap (which wasnt worth the money b/c he likes the pop books WAY better) He also got a tend type thing for easter whch was close to his bday and a little foldout couch to go into it. He sis in it ALL the time and eats and drinks...s like his own personal space. We also did a picture frame with a matte arond it that everyone wh attended his party signed.. a little someting for him to see when h is older how much he is loved by everyone!


starlight_94 - June 8

OHHH PS... we use one of these kids plastic turtle sandboxes as a ball pit!! HE LOVES IT, and now uses it outside to play with, b/c I dont trst him with sand quite yet!


tish212 - June 8

starlight-using the sandbox as a ball pit is brilliant!! I will talk to dh about something like that because i am sure our cats would kill an inflatable one in about 5 minutes.... thanks so much!


Zeke - June 9

I thought of another leapfrog toy Emma really liked. It's a fridge Farm. A magnetic barn with animal magnets and when you match (or mismatch) the animals it sings a cute little song



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